Pregnant and No Health Insurance

Updated on October 11, 2009
S.N. asks from Costa Mesa, CA
4 answers

I am a 45 year old who is 4 months pregnant with no health insurance. My husband currently makes "too much" money to qualify for medi-cal but not enough to afford insurance on our own. I've been to the doctor once and terrified at the cost of the rest of the pregnancy. Can anyone give me some advise? I plan to do a lot of research on the internet and starting with Mamasource. Thank you so much.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Be careful about some of these insurance plans that offer you coverage for pregnancy only. I took one and it was a rip off. I was pregnant without insurance as well. The best way I found was to negiotiate the cash price first with whomever you are dealing with. Dr.s, Hospitals, etc. The cash price was usually very low. I called the hospital prior to my delivery and the cash price out the door without complications of course, was $ 1500 dollars!!!
Now, it does have to be paid up front!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I am not 100% sure on this but I think you can qualify for what is called Baby-Cal. Even if you don't qualify for Medi-cal since you are pregnant you will get Baby-Cal for your pregnancy. Check with health department. If you live in Los Angeles county look into 211 Los Angeles County, it is a info line to help with all different kinds of needs.
Best wishes to and you, your baby and the whole family.


answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Sarah, if you go to your local WIC center you can ask for information on affordable health care for you and your baby. They would be one of the best places to start since that is their main focus is healthy children. You might try a search for the march of dimes chapter in your area they may be able to help.
due to the risk factor for down's syndrom the regional center may provide preventative prenatal care.
Best of luck to you and your family.
Also, healthy families would probably be a good idea to look in to not only for yourself, but for your other children as well.



answers from Los Angeles on

You can call 211 and they should refer you to an insurance agency you can afford. Healthy Families is sometimes used when you can't qualify for Medi-Cal but I'm not sure if that is due to financials or immigration status but it couldn't hurt to check. If you are in Orange County there is MOMS of Orange county in Santa Ana and they will arrange for monthly nurse visits at your house. Also, AFLP I can't remember what it stands for... family life something or other and they also have nurses that will visit you at home and make sure you have appropriate pre-natal care. Good luck!

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