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Updated on October 12, 2006
C. asks from Dallas, TX
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Does anyone have any advice on a good, light weight stroller? I plan to buy a Graco snugride carseat, and the Graco snugrider for my newborn, but I would like a nice lightweight one for later on. I am considering the Maclaren Techno XT, the Peg Aria, and the Graco Metrolite. Any words of wisdom for a first time mom?

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So What Happened?

I used the Babytrend snap and go for the first 6 months and loved it. I then got a Maclaren Quest. I really like it, but I think I could have gotten by with something less. I used a sling mainly before he was walking and now that he is walking he doesn't really like strollers at all!

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I would totally skip the stroller and get a Hotsling or a Maya Wrap. It is much easier to deal with and it keeps your child close to you and warm. We had a Britax Preview, but DH backed over it. We replaced it with the Britax Forerunner, but DD hates it. Much prefers the Maya Wrap.



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i have the graco metrolite that i bought as a part of a travel system. overall, i give it a "c". it has nice storage underneath, the seat can recline and it is pretty easy to navagate. however, the seat must be designed for an older baby. when my daughter was younger (7-10 months old, able to sit up on her own), she couldn't sit up in it correctly and would flop over or lean to one side or the other. i had to buy an extension for the canopy because the sun was in her eyes too much (it's called a sun shade) and the stroller isn't all that easy to fold up. sometimes it takes just one try, and sometimes you have to fix the wheels or just try over and over again. if you could find one of those strollers that open and close with just one hand, that would be an important feature because your hands are usually full anyway. i hope this helps and good luck!



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we love the zooper salsa as our travel stroller ... spend the $$, you will be amazed how much you use your strollers when your child is older. think ahead ... they don't stay so small forever.

if i had to do it all over again, i would not have gotten a stroller that my car seat latched onto ... by the time our son was 4 months we just put him into the stroller because it was easier, and we switched him to a convertable car seat at that time as well. so much easier! graco makes a great car seat, but i am not a fan of their strollers. just fyi. the baby bjourn was the best purchase by far, along with the zooper salsa.

zooper also makes great highchairs ... we love ours!

good luck!



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I'm 5ft 3 and about 110 lbs so I LOVE our Metrolite. Its very lightweight and easy to use. I use the carseat that came with it. My son is 4 mo old now and we have no need to update until he is ready for a stage2 carseat.



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I have had many strollers with 3 kids and the maclaren is the best by far. I bought the maclaren after buying the big peg perego, that was horrible by the way. With my older 2 boys used Graco and they fell apart.

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