Pregnant and Hands Keep Falling Asleep All the Time!!

Updated on May 14, 2007
M.S. asks from Kalispell, MT
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Ever since i got pregnant both of my hands have been falling asleep. It started just at night so i started wearing a brace but now it happens during the day. If i drink a cup of tea, typing on the computer, making lunch for my man, i cannot function normally anymore! And it is getting painful too. They also fall asleep at work and i am not sure what to do about it. Has anyone else had this problem??

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answers from Fargo on

Get some good B-complex vitamins with lots of B6 in it (lots of companies skimp on the B6 because of the expense). Shaklee is a good brand. At least start taking some plain B6, but it works best in a complete form. B6 works directly to reduce swelling in the wrists/carpal tunnel area.
Eating dark green leafy vegetables will give you some B vitamins.
Also get to a chiropractor ASAP!!!!!
Hope that this resolves soon. Remember that there is no need to just live with this, you can do something to help.

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answers from Reno on

Hi M.,
I had the same thing during my 3rd trimester and fortunately, it goes away after a month or so post-partum. Mine was caused from all of the swelling I had putting pressure on the nerves. Like you, it started only at night when I slept and then moved to the day - also started with only one hand, then the next. The only advice I can give is to wear the braces if they help, get a lot of rest and relaxation, and remember that it will eventually go away! Congrats and good luck with your pregnancy!

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answers from Portland on

I experienced the same thing early on in my pregancy. In addition to wearing wrist braces at night, I also did accupuncture. It only took a few weeks of treatment and my symptoms went away. My baby is now 6 months old and I haven't had any problems since before he was born.

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answers from Boise on

I did not experience this during my pregnancy, but have heard that it's quite common to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy related to the swelling. I think that for some people it goes away, but for others it does not.

I hope for you that it will go away but if you are faced with having to have Carpal Tunnel Release in the future I know a good doc.



answers from Seattle on

I too experienced this when I was pregnant. Wearing braces helped me and I also limited any activities that caused pain. I also recommend that you talk to your doctor. There may be things you can do to reduce your poor ciruclation.

I hope that it gets better for you soon.

Mine also went away as soon as my baby was born. I am pregnant again and it hasn't developed yet. I am trying to gain less weight this time. I gained a lot of weight with my first and also retained a lot of water.

It is crazy all of the different odd conditions that can develop with pregnancy.



answers from Spokane on

I had the same problem w/ my second one. It got to the point I was wearing braces all the time and sleeping on the couch just so I could sleep w/ my hands below my heart, otherwise it was so painful I couldnt sleep. It was Carpal Tunnel just like the others and it did go away after baby was born. The pain was gone almost right after birth but it took about 3 months to regain the feeling in my fingertips! ugh!



answers from Richland on

When I was pregnant the same happened to me. They called it pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. They told me it would go away after my daughter was born but I went on to have bi lateral carpal tunnel surgery. Try wearing the brace all the time or at least when typing.



answers from Missoula on

I had this problem when I was pregnant, except it only happened when I was sleeping. It went away after I had Willow.



answers from Salt Lake City on

My hands fall asleep all of the time, but I found out that I have Carpal Tunnel in both hands, which was causing the pain and numbness in my hands. I had mine throughout my pregnancy though and even after, so if yours just started when you got pregnant, I would probably check with your doctor to see if maybe there is a circulation issue or something that would cause the pain and numbness.

Good luck with that and I hope you can get it figured out and remedied before the baby comes, as it is pretty hard to handle an infant with a brace on or when you are in pain from your hands/wrists.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Its been a while since your question was asked,If you havnt found an answer yet go see a chiropractor. I saw one through my whole first pregnancy and felt so much better every time i left. When you are pregnant your body has pressure in places it never has before, which puts pressure on your spine. If you need to be adjusted you can get numbness in your hands , fingers, feet , toes, and pain in your lower back. Its tottally normal.



answers from Pocatello on

Siatic nerve sounds like, if so not a big deal. The baby will move sooner or your DR!



answers from Portland on

This happened to me during my 3rd trimester. Nothing I did would alleviate the symptoms unfortunatly. THe good news is that it all went away about 5 weeks after my son was born. Now (I am 2 months postpartum) everything is back to normal.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!



answers from Portland on

Hello M.~
I had this same trouble. I was diagnosed with carpul tunnel during my pregnancy. This is something that can be onset during pregnancy. I would talk with your ob/gyn about it. It is quite possible.

Good Luck



answers from Anchorage on

hi M.,
i had the same thing happen to me i agree talk to your doctor... or maybe try one of the ciropractors in town. that might help a bit... hope things get better for you

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