Pregnant and Eyes Getting Really Bad

Updated on November 05, 2008
J.J. asks from Grover Beach, CA
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My eyes have gotten really bad lately. So bad that I am sometimes afraid to drive at night...especially if I am not familiar with the area. My eyes have been going bad for quite a while now. I have not gotten them checked because I was told that your vision can change when you are pregnant and nursing. I wanted to get them checked when I was pregnant with my first child, but didn't want to waste the money to have to get them checked again when I was done nursing her. So, I was just going to wait until I finished nursing her then go get them checked. However, I ended up getting pregnant with my second child before I finished nursing. I am planning on nursing this child too (due in February). My question is, should I go get my eyes checked now and have the possibility of having to get them checked again in the future...or, should I wait until I am done nursing? Money is very tight right now, as I am sure it is for everyone, and I don't want to be throwing it down the tubes if I don't have to. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

So I decided to go get my eyes checked. I went to Costco as it was one of the cheaper places to go. I found out that I am a bit near sighted but most of my problem is that I have astigmatism. The doctor said that I have pretty good eyesight, but because of the astigmatism, that is the reason for my night vision being bad/blurred as well as well as blurryness if trying to focus on something for more than a few minutes. She gave me a prescription to get glasses that I only have to wear when I feel I need them as well as when driving at night. I have not gotten the glasses yet, but will be ordering them soon, so I am sure that will help me out a lot. Thank you for all your advice. It is much appreciated.

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I went COMPLETELY nightblind when I was pregnant (yikes!) that took about 2 years to self correct.

There's very little to be done about the night blindness (it just happens to some people, and then gradually goes away in it's own time. For some people very quickly, for others like myself, it can take years.), but if your daytime vision is getting wonky, or if things are getting blurry, get your eyes checked. 2 years is a long time to go without an exam unless NOTHING is changing. Sounds like quite a bit is.

ALSO Contacts don't work for some pregnant women. It has to do with the amounts of fluids/salts/etc that end up affecting our eye shape. Didn't help with me, but with several of my friends merely switching to glasses for the duration solved everything.

Good Luck!

And's a PIA, but from someone who suddenly realized on the freeway that she couldn't see the lanes anymore, if you're going nightblind QUIT DRIVING IN THE DARK NOW!!! Like driving drunk, a little inconvenience isn't worth your life, or anyone else's.

:) Z.



answers from Honolulu on

*Oh I forgot, Sears has good deals/sales on prescription glasses. This is where I got mine. AND, you get 90-days for any returns/exchanges or anything. I only get my glasses from there now.

You need to check your eyes... it is a safety issue... and if driving if you get in an accident, it will be your fault.

My eyes got worse with each pregnancy I had, I have 2 children.

I got my eyes examined and now need glasses. It is much better .

Pregnancy often affects the eyes, making it worse.

Sure, your eyes may change... and get worse. But, you then need to follow-up and get another exam... and get appropriate eye checks and/or glasses if you need to.

Medical coverage, covers 1 exam "free" each year... and covers a portion of your glasses. At least for me that was the case. Naturally we are tight on money too... but, I was not going to place any danger on myself or my kids, because my eyes were bad, and if driving with my family in the car. I also had a hard time reading things... so it was a necessity.

This is a safety issues... not only for you, but for anyone that is with you in the car driving.

Take care,



answers from Reno on

I would have them check, try Lense Crafters, they are fairly affordable and most of the time you can get some kind of sale on the lenses or frames. My eyes changed with each baby, and I have three!! I did not wear glasses before the first baby and I changed Rx with each child, my eyes have not changed in the last three years since my baby was born. But I do go have them checked yearly, and I do this when there is a sale at Lens Crafters, it is the only way I can afford the glasses. Since there is the chance that your eyes will change again with the next baby, keep to the basic frames and lenses for now, when you are done nursing the second one, then you can spend a bit more on your glasses, since you will wear that pair longer then this one. Your eyes are very important, and you dont want to miss seeing what you babies are doing because you can not see them. LOL God bless you and your family.



answers from Los Angeles on

You should look into VSP insurance. It is really inexpensive and exams are free and they pay up to 120 for glasses or contacts. It really is a great eyecare insurance and many many eye doctors except it. The link is below.
FYI-This is only eyecare insurance.
Good Luck

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