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Updated on August 14, 2010
A.N. asks from Gunnison, CO
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ok moms,
my husband and i already have three kids and took precautions not to have more, he got a vasectomy in may of '07. i know they are not always a hundred percent but we haven't had a problem before. i was supposed to begin my cycle on the 6 of aug, it's now the 13, with no sign of starting in sight. how long would you wait before buying a pregnancy test? also, a week before i was supposed to start our fridge broke and was out for four days! we usually eat well balanced diets, my hubby is a wonderful chef, but those four days, with no way to keep cold items cold was rough, we ordered in a lot, not something we normally do, we rarely order in or eat out. i think eating poorly could affect my cycle and wondered what you thought?
any input on either subject would be helpful
ps, i knew each time i was pregnant before, intuition? nothing like that this time around, except a lack of period.

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So What Happened?

update 8/16 day 10 has come and nearly gone with no sign of my cycle beginning. I am 29, for you mom's who wanted to konw and who suggested early menopause...decided, with the hubby, that if i don't start by friday, I am going to make an appointment with my doc. still worrying, and pregnancy test was negetive, now just worried about why i'm so overdue!

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answers from Norfolk on

I hear the dollar store tests are reliable enough once you've past the date of your expected period. I figure $1 is worth your peace of mind at this point.

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Why not just get a pregnancy test and check it out. I have not heard of eating out causing you to miss a period but I suppose now days anything could be possible. Have you been stressed at all? I do know that stress can cause you to miss periods. Just a thought.


answers from New York on

I doubt that you are pregnant, I think it also has to do with your diet and your age. Your cycle might be changing. But if you want to get the test and at least you can have some peace of mind.



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I was just about to post something to this effect today lol...
My husband had a vasectomy just 8 months ago and we have to small ones. I have been sick for 3 weeks now and have tons of signs! I took a test this morning thinking it was for sure going to be positive and it was negative! THANK GOD!
I guess I am going to chalk it up to stress, age and possibly a virus. I would say go get a cheap test like me and see what happens.
I got one at Target for 3 bucks... it was worth peace of mind.



answers from Billings on

From my husband-- post-vasectomy failures usually occur within the first month or two after the vasectomy. So you should be safe. Depending on your age, you could just be slipping into the less-regular phase, where unusual stress may cause you to just skip a cycle, or be later than usual. If you're really worried, or there's some special reason you would need to know for safety (like prescription drugs you shouldn't be taking while pregnant), then get a test. Best!

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