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Updated on August 02, 2006
K.P. asks from Jacksonville, FL
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i found out that i'm pregnant and i have no idea how far along. i haven't seen anybody can someone please help me find a doctor

somebody PLEASE help me

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It depends on what you are looking for in a doctor. I would recommend A Place for Women, Kimberly VanScriver, MD. They are excellent. It is important to know what your choices are and that you have many choices during this time. I have worked with several doctors in town and I find that some are open to a mother being a responsible and informed consumer, and some have their own way of doing things and don't like for their patients to question it. This is why I like Dr. VanScriver. She encourages you to educate yourself and make choices about your birth that will really empower you and help you to have the birth experience that you want.

P.S. I don't like to say anything negative about anyone's doctor, and I have not worked with Beaches NFL OB/GYN, but I had a client who was VERY dissatisfied with their practice and nearly lost both of her ovaries because of them. She changed physicians during her pregnancy. Like I said, I don't want to be negative, but you should have as much info as possible before making a choice.

GOOD LUCK! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.



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Hi K., I went to North Florida OBGYN at the beaches and they were phenominal! Also, the hospital staff at Baptist Beaches were oh so good to me and I couldnt have asked for a better experience, I didnt want to leave the hospital! :-) I just had my first child whom is now going on 7 months. I am soon to be 22 and hopefully returning back to college in the fall. I am a stay at home mother and a care taker for another infant so I'm always home. If you ever need anything, please dont hesitate to email me. Maybe we can even meet up if you would like, I know that it is crucial to have a support system! My family is from the Tampa bay area and werent very involved with my pregnancy- it was very hard and I am still trying to form new friends here in Jax. I was like you and didnt know what to do. Anyways, my email is and I'm always on. I just moved from southside to Kernan but its not really that far of a drive from your area. Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,



answers from Jacksonville on

Ditto Sarah on Fruitful Vine! It is wonderful and I am sure you would be happy there!
Congrats on the Pregnancy!



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Have you considered a midwife and a birthing center? I would highly recommend Fruitful Vine Midwifery Services Sharon Schmidt is great, or Kimberely VanScriver OBGYN/Evenly Brady A Place for Women ###-###-####, they all work out of the same office building...anyway tell them I sent you S. Lovett from First Coast Doulas...I am also a doula and Childbirth Educator and would be glad to help you with your HTH and Congrats, S.

PS I also have a comprehensive referal list for pregnant and new moms if you email me directly I can email you the referal list..many wishes!

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