Pregnancy Weight Gain

Updated on February 11, 2008
A.P. asks from Overland Park, KS
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My husband and I are thinking of trying for a 3rd baby. I've actually gained weight since teh last and really need to drop 20 pounds. While I start that venture, I'm wondering if I should wait to lose it or just ttc at the same time.
Did you gain the same amount with each baby or did it differ???

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answers from Wichita on

I gained very differently with all my children. My first I gained 58 pounds, but was about 20 pounds underwieght, so the extra wieght was not a huge issue. My second I gained about 18 pounds and my 3rd I gained 25. It really does vary, most women I talk to gained the most with thier first, but again, that varies. I think the more kids we have the more we realize that we don't need to eat constantly, just smartly.

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answers from Springfield on

I gained 5 lbs. less with the second baby. I also did not get pregnant until I had returned to my prepregnancy weight (I'm not sure if that makes a difference). I think actively keeping up with a toddler helped keep my weight down.
I do know a lot of women that have struggled with baby weight in the second and third pregnancies. Try to eat healthy and excercise, don't let pregnancy be a reason to overeat (i'm not saying you have, but I've seen many women do just that).
Good Luck.
D. R.

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answers from Kansas City on

We women sacrifice so much of ourselves to have children. I gained 40 pounds with my first child, 30 with my second, and 25 with my third. I think I wised up a little more each time and took better care of myself. I wouldn't base my decision for having a child on how much I weighed. (Unless one is significantly overweight which can affect fertility.) Try to think more about the big picture and what you want for your family. The weight will come and go, but in the end you have the beautiful blessing of children and all the joy and love they bring.

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answers from Kansas City on

As an OB nurse, you should lose the weight first. It has so many beneficial factors for the baby. If you are starting the pregnancy overweight, you have a higher chance of gestational diabetes and other complicatiopns. Never try to lose weight during pregnancy b/c you could deprive the baby of nutrients. You usually tend to gain less weight with subsequent pregnancies.

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answers from Topeka on

I have had two children and with the second one I started 20 pounds heavier than the first. I was worried that I would gain the same 30 pounds with the second one but I didn't. I only gained 15. I delivered both my boys at the exact same weight. I don't know if this is the norm but I have had a lot of woman tell me the same thing. If the heavier weight isn't really a norm for you, your body seem to ajust for the weight. I ate everything I wanted too. I did not try to keep my weight at 15 pounds. I was glad it did though. Hope this helps. Good luck on the 3rd child.

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answers from Kansas City on

I don't see why you can't try to lose the weight while TTC. Simply eat healthier foods, control your portion size, and try to get out for a little exercise. Maybe get out for a walk or go to the mall and mall-walk.

We'll be TTC again soon too... I plan on trying to lose a few more pounds and be as healthy as I can be. I think you should be in the best possible shape for delivery. Not only will you feel better, you'll hopefully have an easier pregnancy an easier delivery and be back in shape sooner after delivery.

Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I have read an article in the past that said 7lbs can increase pregnancy problems...I have no Idea if that is true. However, I gained only 20lbs with my 1st and 2nd pregnancies. With my 3rd I gained 40lbs and I was much more uncomfortable. My body ached, my blood pressure was a little higher and I just didn't feel as well in general. I'm sure there could be many reasons for this I suppose.

I think you may have a more comfortable pregnancy if you lose the weight first. Then afterwards you won't have to worry about losing all the extra weight.



answers from Enid on

Ah, I feel your pain! LOL! I am going through the same thought process as you are. I'm only on my second and I need to lose a little more than 20 pounds but I feel like losing the pounds while your TTC will help with the final goal. It will help you in your pain getting through the crunches and jogs! Just look at it as I do: Once I shed a few pounds then I will also have a beautiful baby in the making. Use it as motivation. Also being a little over weight will decrease your fertility and you'll feel even worse by the end of your pregency (as in uncomfortable). Hope this helps & Good Luck!



answers from Joplin on

I lost 10 pounds with my first child gainded 16 with my second and 25 to 30 with my third child and it was a boy and i have not lost all of it yet i still have 10 pounds to loss



answers from Kansas City on

Hi A.,

I gained a lot more with my second one, I would suggest to try to loose as much as you can before getting pregnant, it is healthier for you and will have an easier task as getting back in shpe after your second one, you'll feel better after having the baby too.
They also say that it is easier to get preganant after dropping weight.....
Well....unless you have a second child like mine, she made me dropp everything and more in just a couple of months!!!!:)
Mariana Abadie



answers from Bloomington on

Check the most recent pregnancy books.
More weight, more stress. If you have a choice, lose weight first. It's better for you and for the baby.



answers from St. Louis on

I gained the least amount of weight with my 3rd pregnancy...only 13 lbs. I was overweight before all 3 pregnancies though. I have beed back to my pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 week visit with all of them.
I say go for it now and work on taking it all off after. If you lose the weight before you get pregnant you may get discouraged when you gain weight through the pregnancy....Nothing sucks more than putting on weight after you ave worked so harf to take it off...Even if it's for something so beautiful as another child! Just don't lose the motivation and go at it full force after the baby.



answers from Kansas City on

Hey A.! I think if you're wanting to lose some weight that it's best to do it BEFORE you have your next baby b/c as you know, weight loss/diet during pregnancy isn't recommended. And then, if you nurse your baby, you still don't want to be focused on weight loss either.

As far as the amt. gained with each pregnancy - I've had 2 kids and I gained more with my 1st (my son was 9 lbs. & I think I gained 30 something with him [38?]). I did not loose all my "baby fat" after I had him & so I started my pregnancy with my daughter around 20 lbs. heavier. With my daughter, who was 7 lbs. 6 oz. I only gained 26 lbs. I nurse her so I am back down to "around" my weight before I had her and I could still stand to loose more :)

... my sister who just had her 3rd baby gained the least amt. with this pregnancy & this one is her smallest baby.

Each person & each pregnancy is different so weight gain will differ from person 2 person. Alot about weight gain during pregnancy also depends on the type foods you eat.

Good luck loosing the weight & best wishes for trying for a 3rd baby!! :) Have a GREAT day!!



answers from Tulsa on

Unless you have really easy pregnancies, you'll probably lose those extra pounds the first few months from morning sickness. Personally, I don't think you'll hurt the developing baby if you lose weight, as long as you don't do something like starve yourself. After all, how many calories does a person need when they are less than 1" long? (I say this knowing full well that when I was in my 1st trimester I about ate us out of house and home, when I wasn't sick that was!) Have fun getting #3 here!

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