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Updated on April 09, 2009
B.S. asks from Springville, PA
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Hey girls. I took a digital pregnancy test today. The window said positive, I was smiling and staring at it, thinking I cannot wait to tell my husband, but then in disappeared. I have never taken one that said the word before, should it do that? Is it a faulty test? I am going to run out and buy another test today, but I was just wondering about those tests, has anyone else used those???

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So What Happened?

Well, I took two more yesterday (the line ones) and they were both positive. However, I am experiencing some spotting yesterday afternoon and this morning. I do not have cramping though, which gives me hope! Please send out some positive vibes our way! Thanks!

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Congratulations!! Postive thoughts :-)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I was told by my OB when I was pregnant that you can never have a false can have a false negative but if it's positive it is. I wonder if you didn't get a test that had a glitch w/ the results window. I'll bet you are pregnant...congrats! :) I used the "pregnant" "not pregnant" digital kind as well.



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I'm not sure if I remember correctly... but I belteve the digi tests only show the answer for a short time. Also, spotting is normal, so that's not anything to worry about unless there's a lot of cramping.


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go with the two or single bar pregnancy test. You can get it at any grocery store or pharmacy. I have tried it twice with my two pregnancies and it has worked. Normally, I've tried twice with sometime of separation between the two tests. The home-pregnancy test are accurate and it shows you two bars, which stay, after a minute or less of following the directions. I have never tried digital ones and I think, personally, it is a waist. I am pregnant with my second child on the way and on my eight week and successfully tried the simple home-pregnancy test with no problem, whatsoever.In regard of the spotting, if it is persistent, and increasing in volume and of color red, check with your doctor. I had very light spotting with my first and it is normal. However, I had a sort of heavy one, like a menstruation, last September and I knew it was not normal. It resulted on being a lost on the 4th week. Nonetheless, I am pregnant know and have not had any spotting with my second, so far. Best wishes on you pregnancy.



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In my opinion chuck the digital, those things are the biggest waste of money out there. Got to the convenient mart and buy the $2 kind. They are all the same. The only difference with some is that they read a different level of hormones I think it is and you can use them sooner



answers from Allentown on

Hi there B.!
I'm new to the site, this week. This is a great thing for mom's, I must say!
I read this post and actually had the same thing happen to me. When taking a test to see if we were pregnant (with our 2nd)I had the digital read out test. It came out positive and then a little while later, it was gone. I felt like you, wondering if it was a false read or a defective test? I called the Dr. I went in a week after the test, and came to find we were definitely pregnant! So I think it's just the way the test stick works. I'm guessing the read out is only for testing purposes, not to keep a hold of? LOL
Hope this helps.


answers from Erie on

Well, I've never used the digital ones but I read this and just wanted to say Congrats! It sounds to me like you are probably pregnant. I would just call the doc and make an appiontment to confirm. I hope all goes great for you!! Good luck and Good vibes being sent your way! :]



answers from Philadelphia on

The digital ones are awesome because they actually SAY the word pregnant, but it goes away fast! IMO, CONGRATS! :) You are pregnant! :)

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