Pregnancy Tea and Mothers Milk Tea

Updated on January 13, 2011
D.M. asks from Stephens City, VA
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I am pregnant - just 5 weeks along. I have bought some Pregnancy tea, but I do not see my OB until 8 weeks - I read conflicting things about its safety. Has anyone used it? Is it good to drink after the birth too? I will be having my 3rd c-section, so anything that helps the uterine wall is prob good for recovery too, right? The one I bought is Organic and has Red Rasberry Leaf and Nettle. Also, I drank mothers Milk tea during breastfeeding to increase supply, but does anyone know if I can start drinking it a few weeks before delivery to help get my supply off to a good start? Thank mammas! This place is great.

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. I will just wait to do anything until I talk to my OB. I know a c-section is not good - my VBAC ended in my last c-section and my husband and I decided that we are too afraid of the risks to try a VBA2C this time. I am going to try to demand that they schedule my c-section at 41 weeks - but I already talked to a nurse about it and she said that might be pushing it - but I REALLY want to go into labor first. If I don't, I have already drawn up a birth plan to have baby on my chest in the operating room. With my last baby, I had him as soon as we got into recovery - but I recently found out you can ask for the baby in the operating room. My husband will help. I cannot afford a Doula, I already looked into it. But, I am going to be my own advocate. Your advice was very helpful though. If anyone has anyother advice on getting a c-section baby breastfeeding well, I would love to hear it. This time, I want to breastfeed to atleast 18 months.

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I found the article below helpful during my pregnancy. Raspberry tea is actually safe during pregnancy. I consumed a lot of it, because it helped my morning (all day) sickness.

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answers from Columbus on

I drank the pregnancy tea and the mother's milk and I always recommend them. My response is pureIy anecdotal of course, but I drank the preg. tea throughout my pregnancy for all 3 of mine and I never had any adverse affects. I also drank the raspberry leaf tea when I wasn't pregnant.

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answers from Cumberland on

If you read anything about its safety-I would discontinue drinking it at once.



answers from Dallas on

I personally would stay away from anything that you usually don't eat/drink for 2-3 months. I've heard that Raspberry could possibly increase the chance of miscarriage somewhere. You should also stay away from herbal teas. I'm not for certain on the Raspberry but I wouldn't take anything until you talk to your doctor.

The best thing you could do is take your vitamins and take folic acid. That's the most important thing this early on.



answers from Kansas City on

You should not be drinking nettle. It is not safe to drink during pregnancy. Raspberry leaf is fine.


answers from Washington DC on

sounds like great teas to me. there is a very small concern about miscarriage and red raspberry leaf, but the control group appears to be women who were at high risk anyway. most studies seem to indicate that red raspberry strengthens the uterine wall and is helpful during pregnancy. you can absolutely begin drinking mother's milk as your due date approaches.
congrats and good luck!
:) khairete



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I know your area well. You said that you can't afford a doula. There are plenty of student doulas and those just starting out that would love to attend your birth. If you look @ the stats for VBAC2 it's not as risky as you think. I guarantee that your OB has very little if any knowledge about teas. I work with several midwives who either make teas and or are herbalists and have given me plenty of info. for my clients. I teach childbirth education classes and am a doula. You are safe drinking the Pregnancy Tea. If you want to boost your milk supply while still pregnant, drink Ovaltine. The malt is the thing that helps. I have a client who is still nursing her toddler and is pregnant. She wants to keep up her supply and the Ovaltine is perfect. Some breastfeeding teas have herbs that are not safe during pregnancy.


answers from Tampa on

The main problem with breastfeeding after a cesarean is just that - the cesarean. It stops your body from reacting as it should. During labor - you have tons of things going on in the chemical and hormonal levels. It primes your body for expelling a child as well as creates the expulsion of colostrum, which aids in milk production. To make matters worse... the lack of immediate and continual skin to skin contact from holding your newborn right after birth further impedes your milk production. Drinking the tea before the birth will not help you. Having a supportive postpartum doula and spouse who will take your child from the nurses right after the apgar screenings and put him on your chest and stay there with you so the medical staff aren't afraid you will drop the baby... will be your best bet.

I've never heard of pregnancy tea... usually a woman's body knows what to do without any additional outside help or interventions.

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