Pregnancy Symptoms - 1St Trimester

Updated on April 13, 2010
C.S. asks from Edwards, MO
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I am pregnant with my first and I have had very sore breasts and fatigue from week two to now. I am now 6 weeks, and my pregnancy symptoms are starting to diminish, but not completely. I can actually stand now to wear a bra and I am getting some energy back. Is it normal for the symptoms to subside this early? Should I be worried?

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answers from Kansas City on

I know everyone says to enjoy the second trimester because it's when you feel the best, but with my first pregnancy, I was a wreck the first few weeks after the morning sickness stopped because I went from feeling pregnant, to feeling normal. I wasn't showing yet, or feeling the baby move. I just knew something was wrong. Nope, just fine! Second pregnancy, never had any symptoms and felt great until I started getting bigger. I know it's tough not to worry, but just be thankful you're feeling better and enjoy it while it lasts! :)

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answers from Tulsa on

Should you be worried? NO! Very normal.



answers from St. Louis on

i would not be worried at all, every person is different. I did not have any pregnancy symptoms with my son. I threw up one time during my whole pregnancy and it was due to a food that i ate. I would say be thankful you dont have to put up with it any longer~ enjoy the little kicks and everything now, cause soon the little one will be here~ Good Luck~



answers from Atlanta on

hey, i am a l&d nurse and more importantly a mom. it is absolutely normal for you to be feeling better. some people are very sick and others not so much. some are sick very early and some are sick the entire time. consider yourself lucky :) make sure you eat very healthy to get your baby extra nutrients. good have a long way to go but it will be here before you know it.



answers from Kansas City on

Everyone and every pregnancy is different, but many people start to change feelings during the 1st trimester. It will probably be replaced by other strange symptoms. As far as if there is something to worry about, with all three of my miscarriages, my symptoms didn't change until i lost the baby, in fact, I was more tired right up to it. You're probably fine, but if you see any other symptoms, bleeding, etc, call your doctor. Congrats!!



answers from Kansas City on

well each person is different and what normal is is what ever your body does! Personally my breasts are super sensitive throughout the whole pregnancy. Honestly I had a lot of stretching pain the first time but this time around I haven't. But each time I never got sick until around 8-9 weeks along. this time it only lasted about three weeks while the first time lasted about two months. so I wouldn't worry and count yourself lucky because some women are sick and miserable the whole entire pregnancy.

plus different affects will happen as you get farther along. while swelling can be part of it so can aches and paines in your joints, restless leg syndrome and even carpal tunnel syndrome. borrow or buy the book what to expect when your expecting can help ease your mind a little but it doesn't cover every little detail. I also noticed their months and weeks don't coinside with the handouts my doctor gives me.



answers from Des Moines on

with my first child all i had was a bit of extra tiredness around the time my period should have come. then after about a week i began to question if i really was pregnant. i never really had any sickness or anything. delivered a very healthy 9lb 2 oz boy at 41 weeks. with my second it was off and on for the first 14 weeks. i am almost 22 weeks now with no troubles. As long as you dont have any bleeding or bad cramping you are just lucky :) Congrats on the pregnancy.



answers from St. Louis on

From what you have disclosed here - I don't think you have anything to worry about .

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answers from Redding on

I think you're going to be just fine, and I'm glad you're beginning to feel better. What is "normal" is hard to define. I had two kids and my first trimester was quite different each time.
It sounds like you aren't having morning sickness which is a real blessing!

Just continue taking really good care of yourself!

Best wishes!



answers from Kansas City on

Girl, you should be thankful! :) But, don't be worried either if you're symptoms return!! Pregnancy does wacky things to your body! I didn't vomit with either of my pregnancies, so hopefully you'll be lucky like me! The fatigue, on the other hand, was a totally different story! It was horrible! It sort of feels like you've been run over by a truck...twice! Hang in there!



answers from Springfield on

What you are experiencing is normal. That is a good description of what I felt with my daughter (1st and only). I was also nauseous for most of the 1st trimester, but had no energy for most of the pregnancy. My husband took very good care of me and cooked 95% of the time.



answers from Indianapolis on

I wouldn't worry - each pregnancy is so different. Even women who've had multiple children tend to say all their pregnancies are somewhat different from one another.

If your OB/GYN thinks you're OK, consider yourself one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to be completely miserable during the first trimester. :)

Good luck!

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