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Updated on January 01, 2012
J.D. asks from Coppell, TX
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Ok... so I'm 29 weeks along and need a pregnancy support belt. I have lower abdominal pain and had some false labor last week. Of the multitude of selections, which one fit best for you?

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answers from Washington DC on


I was on bed rest and needed one - but to be honest - did NOT find it really helped much of anything!

CONGRATS!!! Good luck!! i'm sorry you are having pain!!

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answers from Dallas on

I used one madeby Medela that I bought at Babies R Us. It worked pretty well and the price was reasonable.



answers from Philadelphia on

I couldn't live without my maternity belt! I got mine at Mimi Maternity (same company as Motherhood Maternity but a step up... kinda like the way Old Navy and The Gap are). But you can get the same exact kind at Motherhood. The saleswoman who helped me was great and she helped me get fitted in one correctly. With my first pregnancy it was suggested by my doctor to wear one and I thought for sure it would be uncomfortable but it really helped support my belly. I just wore mine over my clothes. Make sure you go to a place where there is someone who can really help you. You need to get the fit just right in order to get the benefits.


answers from Dallas on

with my third child I work high waisted Spanx (generic brand, but same idea, non maternity) they were awesome, it gave me a lot of support! Spanx brand makes a "Mama Spanx" and if I were to be pregnant again it would be money well spent. I used other belts with my first two and they helped but the Spanx provided more coverage and support than a traditional maternity belt.



answers from Phoenix on

I got mine at Target. I was also able to use it after I delivered to hold up my jeans that wouldn't button yet. It totally worked awesome!!

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