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Updated on August 27, 2009
A.S. asks from Schuyler, NE
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Ok I went in to the obgyn for a ruptured ovarias cist and the doctor showed me a spot that I had on my stomach that was either the start of early pregnancy and very well could be or the start of my period... So if he seen that and it was my period does it take that long to start. I beleive im suppose to have my period at the end of this week. The first day of my last period was August 1.. I usually am 26-28 cylce... So should I be worried that I am pregnant? I figured out that I was ovulating around the 11-21st and me and my fiance have had alot of unprotected sex around those times. We are not trying to get pregnant but if it happens it does. I took a couple test and they were negative but I have missed my period yet. Should I call the doctor and ask him if he really thinks that is a pregnancy or period. I would think doctors would know the difference but maybe not? Please help me out!

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answers from St. Cloud on

Wow. That sounds really strange for the doctor to say, "either that's a baby or your period......." I would go to a different doctor next time.

Anyway. Just relax and try not to think about it for the next week. Time will give you the answer you are looking for. As the previous poster said, you can keep taking the early pregnancy tests but they are not as accurate before you actually miss your period. And they are SPENDY!!!



answers from Minneapolis on


Wait to take a home pregnancy test until at least the 28th. If you had unprotected sex during ovulation, there is a strong possibility that you are pregnant. There is no need to see a doctor until you 10-12 weeks along.

Good luck,



answers from Bismarck on

Dear A.

I think it's too early to tell since you're only on day 26 of your cycle. Probably you will know for sure in a couple of days even though it's hard to wait!! Hang in there...

(There are some "early" pregnancy kits out there, but your hormone levels would still have to be high enough to register a positive)


answers from Davenport on

Wait a week and if you haven't gotten your period then take another hpt.



answers from Omaha on

I know it is hard to wait, but I agree that waiting at least until day 28 and test with first morning urine if you can. The tests are surprisingly sensitive, but if you have your timing wrong (you may have ovulated later), then the hpt won't be able to tell. Hang in there and do what feels right. Enjoy the wonder of not knowing what might lie ahead and having a chance to live in two alternate possible futures.



answers from Lincoln on

Hi, You need to relax and slow down. Stop thinking about what might be happening and think about what is happening and calm down. You aren't doing yourself any good by getting upset. Now think, if you are pregnant, would it be a bad thing? How do you feel about it? What will it do to your boys? RELAX Now think, what if it is just a cyst? What will need to be done? How will this effect your life? What will be the situation with the boys? RELAX Now remember, you can't change the outcome. You can be prepared. You can deal with whatever happens. You are a woman and this is life. Meet the challenge and do good. RELAX In a few days you will know what you are dealing with and have some idea how. You can do no more. Good luck.

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