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Updated on April 06, 2009
S.P. asks from Billings, MT
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Okay moms, I am puzzled. I have nausea,my pants are fitting tight, my breast are tender. All the signs of pregnancy. Yet I took a home test and it said negative. NOT pregnant. Do I go in and have the blood test done at the clinic? I had my regular period Jan. 16, then on Feb. 17th I had a period with what I thought was a little tissue in the blood twice (that was not as hard as my usual periods), then I had one in March on the 20th. (That was not as hard as my usual periods either). In am usually right on the day each month. Confused!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your input. Well I went to the clinic and got a blood test. The test came back negative as well... So I guess I accept that I am not pregnant.

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answers from Boise on

I would say yes, make them give you the blood test. I had 3 negative tests, all three done at the doctors office and when I finally switched doctors because I wasn't feeling any better he discovered not only was I pregnant but due in only 8 weeks. We have a beautiful daughter but it would have been much nicer to know ahead because we had made some major decisions not based on her coming that I regret.

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answers from Billings on

I have MS also and knowing from experince. MS can make you have pregnancy syptoms, but it wouldnt be a bad idea to go get a blood test done as I know the MS medication isnt good to be taking while pregnant. I just had a one month old. I took the pregnancy test it came back negetive. They took me in to tie my tubes and come to find out I was one month along. So it never hurts to make sure.



answers from Denver on

Yes, go in! Home pregnancy tests can read a false negative and the only way to know for sure is to get the blood test or ultrasound done.



answers from Provo on

I would definately go and see the doctor. The tests that they have are so much more accurate. A lot of times ectopic pregnancies give a negative reading because it takes a special test to pick them up. I would just go and get that cleared up and ruled out. Hormones change drastically after having babies and with age. This may just be a change in your progesterone level. I go to a doctor that deals in the bio-identical hormones (ones that are like the kind that your body puts out so you don't get the side effects like the synthetic ones give.) My progesterone was only one when it should have been over ten and my periods were messed up. I also take medicine for my thyroid. Your thyroid controls many things. It would be something to look into. I feel much better after the hormones!



answers from Pocatello on

Test again. If it is still negative then you may want to see your doctor, the symptoms you describe may be caused by something other than pregnancy.

Also, although it is impossible to have a real menstral period during pregnancy, it IS possible to have periodic bleeding that may be mistaken for a menstral period during pregnancy.



answers from Denver on

Could be a false negative. Could also be changing hormones. You are definately later than usual. I agree with Kimberly D about time to see the doctor but be cautiously optimistic and not get to excited until the blood test comes back. When you are ready to have a baby and can't it can be very hard on the emotions.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Hmmm. Things are a touch odd for you, but not anything alarming exactly. I don't think you are pregnant, just undergoing some change of some kind. I'd just call my gyno and tell the nurse about it and see whether they think I should come in.



answers from Denver on

Absolutely! Go get the blood test done as soon as possible. I took a bunch of test that never worked. Also, the ovulation predictors never worked on me. And yet lo and behold I'm due in 2 weeks. IF you have the gut instinct that you're pregnant, you probably are and should get the prenatal care started.

And here's a preemptive Congratulations!



answers from Denver on


You won't get a positive pregnancy test until (at the earliest) 4 days before your expected next period. Based on the last three months, that isn't for another two weeks. I would test again if you miss your April period.

Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I never had a positive test with my daughter. Many women have periods after becoming pregnant. Sounds like time to call your doctor for a blood test! Congratulations?



answers from Denver on

Those home pregnancy tests are basically impossible to screw up. Unfortunately, if it says you aren't pregnant, you most likely aren't. Check with you doctor if you are really concerned, but the home tests are very accurate.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I would definitely call your doc. If you are pregnant, you want to get in soon anyway. If not, your symptoms could be a sign of something else. Either way, the best route is to go to the doctor and find out for sure what's going on. That may not require the blood test, either. Just tell him everything you told us, and go from there.

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