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Updated on August 11, 2011
E.B. asks from Miami, FL
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I should be skilled at every pregnancy question since I already have three. Lol. I am on birthcontrol. This week i'm supposed to get my period i was supposed to get it Tuesday. But with birth control your period date is already planned. I've been feeling really uneasy very crampy lots of pressure and my vagina hurts. I remember with my second son right before him we were pregnant but lost the baby. I was feeling the same way. So I opted to go to walgreens this morning and buy a test. By my surprise it's positive. Now i'm really freaking out. we wanted to go for number 4 but not until number 3 was already out of diapers and in school. I have another test i will take later on maybe tomorrow as this positive line is light. (i know it doesn't matter). Should I be concerned of the cramping the pressure the pain in my vagina. This could also explain my increase in headaches also. should I run to the doctor or just wait and see if maybe this is a false positive and my period will come...

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answers from San Francisco on

Call your doctor. You are pregnant and CONGRATULATIONS and best of luck.

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answers from Dallas on

def go to the dr, but false positives are VERY rare, and usually only occur when you're on fertility meds. anyways, call your dr and good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

Congratulations! Yes, you are pregnant. There's really no need to run to the Dr right now because the urine pregnancy tests at the office are no more accurate. The only thing they can do for you now is tell you that you are pregnant (which you already know).For now, just stop taking your pills and make sure you start taking a good quality prenatal vitamin with folic acid. Early pregnancy loss is common, but your symptoms of cramping and vaginal pain are not predictive of miscarriage. If you develop abdominal pain or start bleeding consult a physician or midwife to make sure the pregnancy is not ectopic. Otherwise, it's OK to wait another month to schedule a first OB appt when you are approximately 8-10 weeks along. Best wishes for your growing family! Midwife Mom

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answers from Savannah on

I would go in to the doctor's office and get tested, that way there is no questions or doubt in your mind. With my pregnancy, I had the worst cramps of my life when my period was due. Even with birth control, my period is sometimes a little late (1-3 days), so I thought that my period was coming any day, however when I finally broke down, the test was positive. I wouldn't be too concerned with the cramping, but it is always safer to go to the doctor and get a medical professional to give you the down low on what is happening.



answers from Denver on

I agree call your Dr. and STOP the BC immediately. Exciting times : )



answers from Chicago on

Umm, I think it means you're pregnant. :)


answers from Dover on

Call your Doc. I've never heard of false-positives, though I'm sure anything is possible when the stars are aligned just right ;)



answers from Atlanta on

I was told by a doctor that you usually you can get a false negative but never a false positive unless certain circumstances like certain meds you might be on from what I understand. Honey you are pregnant and I know with both my pregnancies the first was twins and my second I lost -I had cramping. Severe cramping can indicate a problem though such as ectopic pregnancy, etc. I think you need to call your doctor and explain to them what is going on. The first thing they will most likely want to do is a blood test and restest to make sure your HCG levels are going up. With me, because I was a "presumed" ectopic pregnancy if I ever get pregnant again my doctor want me to call them immediately. I'm not ready yet and don't know if I ever will be. My due date was August 28th so here in a few weeks I would have been having a baby-I have mixed feelings about it but what it boils down too is that the timing wasn't right for right now. Also with my first pregnancy I did in fact bleed and I was even bleeding when I took my pregnancy test and the reason I tested was because it wasn't a "normal" period for me and I had this feeling even though I hadn't been pregnant before-I just had this feeling. With the second pregnancy I hadn't even "missed" my period yet. I was 3 weeks when I found out through a HPT. I lost the baby at 5 weeks. ;()(
Congrats and I hope everything works out for you but do indeed call your doctor instead of waiting. Not to scare you but ectopic is a serious thing if you get too far along-I think the 8 week mark was the number even though the doctors will tell you sooner. However they never could prove to me that I was 100% ectopic. They didn't see anything on the sonogram ( probably because I was too early) and by the time I hit my 5 week mark I began to bleed and I believe I miscarried and again after that they couldn't see anything on sonogram probably because I had already passed the baby -they were going based upon my HCG levels and in my chart I was "presumed" ectopic pregnancy so.....please call your doc to be on the safe side but honey you be pregnant if you got the positive on the HPT. Those are just as good as the test they use in the doctor's office now days. The only thing better than a pregnancy test is perhaps a blood test but lol-I have another story on that note too....they aren't always as dependable as they say but for most people it is.



answers from Hartford on

You are pregnant. You could buy more tests, but they are rather expensive. Same thing happened to me, but I didn't believe it until the fourth test. Call your MD and make an appt., but they most likely won't see you until you are 6 weeks. Congratulations.

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