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Updated on August 24, 2009
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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Hey moms,
This go round I am dealing with a few more aches and pains of pregnancy it seems. Maybe I just forgot from last time, not sure. But anyway, yesterday I was having so much ligament pain, I mean any time I would move around quickly it would just stab me. Also I am having trouble with my arms falling asleep during the night when I am sleeping on either side. I was thinking that maybe a body pillow to hug would help support my tummy and possibly help with my arms as well. I am just coming up on 18wks so I am surprised that I already show so much and have these issues! Anyway, any suggestions on how to combat the preggie pains would be so appreciated. Thanks:)

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So What Happened?

Well I have started using a belly belt which is a huge help this go round. I hated it last time and now can hardly live without it, go figure:) I am also trying to stretch daily so maybe that will help as well. Thanks for the advice!

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I've heard wonderful things about the Snoogle pregnancy pillow and know of some women that still cannot sleep without it. Yes, your arm pain is from the way you are sleeping at this point.

After your first pregnancy, you will show much faster and you very well might feel the baby much sooner because you will know what those little movements are. I went from about 20 weeks, to 11 weeks to 9 weeks with my 3 pregnancies.

If the ligament pain continues or gets worse, look into a pregnancy support belt. Even Target has them relatively cheap. The best lit supposed to support the belly and take some of the pressure off of all of your body parts that are normally bearing the load of the baby.

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OH! The memories you just brought back! My story sounds SO similar. My first pregnancy, I never had round ligament pain and the second one - WOW! I kept thinking it would go away and it only got worse! By the time it hurt to walk, I finally gave in and went to a chiropractor. I was a little skeptical, but it made all the difference in the world. They were amazing and all my pains went away.
I also had the arm falling asleep thing, and I never did buy any of the fancy pillows. Surprisingly, what I discovered, is that on the days when I got exercise, my arms did not fall asleep. It didn't have to be much, even just a walk to the park with my daughter and playing with her seemed to make a difference. I hope that helps and good luck!

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I remember the ligaments in my hips hurting so much I had a hard time walking for one of my pregnancies. I thought that would be my last (#4) that if I had any more I'd be permanantly debilitated...#5 & #6 were so pain and easy births...all the pain went away after birth. Sometimes the arms falling asleep happen because of breasts hitting nerves...could try a sleeping bra at night?



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Hi J.,
With my second prego I also had similar problems, but besides the arms falling to sleep my legs did too. Talk about restless leg syndrome. I had gallblader cramping to, and I asked my doc about all of the problems and the gallblader pain was from eating to much salt. As far as the arm and leg thing it was just from how I was laying. and there is really nothing you can do about it, I used a body pillow and it helped some but its just the baby laying on your vains and causing lack of blood flow to your arms or legs. Well good luck.Congratulations And GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.



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Find a good chiropractor to deliver prenatal care! Research shows that regular chiropractic care during pregnancy reduces back pain, shortens labor time and reduces the need for pain-killing drugs during labor and delivery. Your back is not SUPPOSED to hurt, and being pregnant presents no exception. Best of luck during what should (and can easily be)the healthiest time of your life.



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the moving quickly sharp pains i have with both pregnancys. this is my second and i am 4 1/2 months. if i stand too quickly the baby really lets me know he or she did not like that at all. its time for a slow down. i would talk to your doctor about the arms falling asleep i dont remember having that issue. but if you think a body pillow will help go for it. they also have pregnancy pillows that wrap around your body all sorts of ways. good luck. and congrats.



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I experienced the same stuff, and unfortunately I never was able to find much relief. I tried massage therapy a couple times, and it provided immediate relief but nothing long-term. I have a friend who visited a chiropractor when she was pregnant and she swears by it! She said it really helped her and this is what I plan to do with my next pregnancy. If you try it, let us know how it works! Good luck!

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