Pregnancy Induced Eye Stys???

Updated on July 30, 2009
R.Y. asks from Taylor, MI
8 answers

I recently have gotten eye stys!! They switch from eye to eye and are gettin really annoying!!! Are they pregnancy related because I have never had them before? I know to put warm compresses on them but is there any other home remdies that work? I'm desperate!! Please help!!!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

I have the same issues occassionally. Go to the dr and they can give you a safe perscription. One is the same as the kind you take when you have pink eye (drops) but the other is 1000x better and fast's a small tube of gel and it works within a day. You really only use a very small amount so there is enough left over in case it happens again. With me being diabetic I get them often and the stuff is a life savor.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I used to get stys all the time. Oily skin, make up on my allergy sensitive eyes. I once had to have a really deep, really large one drained <shudder>. When they are that bad, antibiotic eye drops are the best. But, what my doc instructed me to do daily to help keep them away was this: After you use a warm compress, or during a hot shower, take a washcloth with a dab of baby shampoo on it and wash your eye lash line, top and bottom. Get it nice and sudsy, then rinse well.

It helped keep it under control. Switching hypo-allergenic eye make up and Visine-A eye drops a few years later eliminated the need to scrub my eyelids like that. My skin was much less oily after I had my son, and I've been pretty sty free for a long time.

Good luck. They are miserable!

C., Battle Creek



answers from Detroit on

This really works, roll a penny over the stye. I forget the scientific reason why this works, something with the copper in the penny. I've done this and by the next day it's pretty much gone. Hope this helps!



answers from Grand Rapids on

It could be because of the hormones. I used to get them often when I was a teenager. There is an oitment you can buy at any drug store that just goes over the stye. I believe its called stye eye??? It should be safe just put in a call to your OB. Also plain wet tea bags has been known to work.. Good luck I know theyre nasty little things!



answers from Detroit on

Hi :o)

Use a regular lipton tea bag. Steep it and while it's still warm and a little wet (squish out most of the water) put it on your eye and relax til it cools. Use it off and on until the stye disappears. The tannin in the tea is what takes care of the stye. I've been using that method since I was a child and my mother put them on my eye.

Good luck and Congratulations



answers from Detroit on

My dad used to rub gold on my sister's stys when we were young. Seemed to work. The more pure the better (i.e. 24k best).



answers from Lansing on

may have to check with your ob about safety for use during pregnancy, as I never needed it while pregnant. There is an over the counter ointment called "stye" that works very well and very quickly.



answers from Grand Rapids on

R.; not for the faint hearted, styes are not from pregnancy, i saw a program once of what they were, actually styes are from the little microscopic cute little guys that live and clean your eyelashes, they are hard at work, a sty happens when one cute little guy goes in your eyelash hole that holds the hair in, and he goes about his daily chores, cleaning , getting the hair clean as he is supposed to, well there is more than one that works there, sometimes you get an overactive worker and he like to think its not been cleaned, so he too comes into the same hole with a fellow worker, little does the first worker realize he has been blocked in and canot get out, well its such a deep chasm for these little guys, someomne blocks the entrance and he is stuck there, there he takes a little nap, well this nap is sooo long that our bodies need to get rid of napping workers, and it puts a protective blanket over him, which is your bodies way of getting rid of sty guys, ahahahah that nap, therefore we feel the effects of a sty, but dont fret the other little guy will come and clean and make sure its clean for yah later, this was a true story i dressed it up a bit, so you can handle the truth, they say guys get stys more often casue we women are clenaing our eyes more often than a guy does, i would not think it has anything to do with pregnancy, however it could be some homrmone that makes them produce i dont knwo, you cant see them nor can you try, unless you have a very very very powerful microscope, so dont fret over them, its how we are made, we have them cleaning all over our bodies with out them we would die, so take to heart, and wash your face more often, our bodies can succreet more oils at this time so maybe the over time horn went off aand they sent out more workers, i dont know, ahhah just enjoy the little story and dont worry about them, if they are bothersome i would suggest a dr, not sure if he can do anything, or if they got anything to send some workers home, ahahah have a good day D. s

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