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Updated on February 28, 2014
L.B. asks from Aubrey, TX
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My sister is experiencing indigestion for nearly a week. It makes it very difficult for her to eat nearly anything, then she feels super nauseous and weak. She can't even hardly drink water throughout the day. Any suggestions?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think Tums would go out of business without pregnant women. She should speak with her doctor. I chewed Tums most of the day from the middle of the second trimester until DS was born. Tropical fruit is the best. The fake chocolate creme (yeah, a bit pretentious) is awful.

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answers from Springfield on

My doctor gave me a prescription for Pepcid. That was a lifesavor. I still had heartburn, but no where near as bad.

Like others said, Tums is a big help.

For some of us, pregnancy just sucks! Love the kids, could have done without the 9 months of growing them inside me.


answers from New York on

Tell her to call her doctor for tips. The ob's office deals with this type of stuff all the time and can note her records and guide her along.


answers from Seattle on

I had HORRIBLE heartburn with my last two. Just awful. I put up with it for almost a month before talking to my doctor about it. I thought it was just a "perk" of being pregnant. Seriously, it made me wake up from a dead sleep and puke fire. Awful.
Gave me a perscription for Ranitidine. That, was a lifesaver.


answers from Houston on

Tell her to try drinking room temperature water. Cold water made my heartburn instantly worse. She should talk to her doctor regarding what medications she can take. There are over the counter and prescription options. I was told to try the OTC stuff first and when that didn't work, I was given prescriptions which helped enormously. I was cautioned against too many Tums because the extra calcium can give your kidneys grief. I couldn't stand the Tums because it made me nauseous. If it is not one thing,then it seemed to be another. Good luck to her. Heartburn is misery.


answers from Chicago on

If home remedies and OTC meds haven't worked enough, she could talk to her doc about Dexilant, which is what I've had to use in most of my pregnancies to be able to sleep at night since my heartburn was so bad.



answers from New York on

Indigestion that is severe can be a gallbladder attack. Be certain to have her mention it to the dr.


answers from Albany on

Ugh, I had terrible heartburn while pregnant. I feel like I single handedly kept the Tums company in business. I was chewing Tums all day long. Didn't subside until my third trimester. Bleck.



answers from Norfolk on

I went through Tums like they were candy from 4.5 months through delivery.
Things that helped to settle my stomach:
mint tea (hot or cold)
crystallized ginger!
smaller more frequent meals
take the prenatal vitamins with food and see if she can take a smaller pill several times per day instead of a horse sized pill once per day - she can ask her dr about that.
protein - I loved peanuts and/or nibbling on a piece of cheese - cheese sticks come in some different flavors now.
crackers or oyster crackers were good to nibble on too.
I actually felt worse if I went too long between snacks.
She should have a water bottle with her so she can sip a little bit at a time all day - getting dehydrated will make her feel awful and could land her in the hospital.



answers from Tulsa on

OTC Zantac (75mg) and/or Tums are the only thing that help me to be able to eat/drink like normal. I suffered with horrible heartburn both this pregnancy and my last one. Prevacid is also approved as safe to take. While I try to avoid medications during pregnancy, the risks of not being able to drink enough water or eat healthily outweigh the risks for me.



answers from Rochester on

I had the same problem with both of my pregnancies. She should talk to her doctor about a prescription to help. That was the only thing that helped me. There are meds that are safe to take. I worried about it, but my husband who is a pharmacist assured me that it was OK to take. Oh the difference it made! I couldn't believe how much better I felt and how much better I could sleep.



answers from Phoenix on

I used papaya enzyme tablets, they worked pretty well. I have since heard that chewing gum helps, but I only have heartburn when I am pregnant so I haven't tried it yet.



answers from Austin on

If she is pregnant, she needs to talk to her doctor about what medications might be safe during pregnancy.

I don't remember the dose, but I think my OB/Gyn said that Maalox was safe... but that was 20-30 years ago!



answers from Dallas on

Both Maalox and Zantac are safe. Check with the ob. With my first who is 7 now, the doctor told me that Maalox was safe, with my second who is now 3, my new doctor told me that Zantac was safe and that was a complete lifesaver!



answers from Dallas on

When I was pregnant with twins I drank Vitaminwater b/c water tasted so bad… and I would feel full after 2 bites of anything so had a lot of Luna bars, crackers, chocolate milk.

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