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Updated on December 28, 2010
A.S. asks from Mesquite, TX
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I am pregnant with #3 and would like to try and keep a better log of my food intake and track what sort of foods I eat since my midwife has always said in the past I don't get enough vegetables.

I've been searching online for a FREE pregnancy food tracker. Something that I can type-in what I have eaten and it help keep track of how many servings of vegetables, fruits, protein, etc. that I am getting. I do have a food journal that I have written all of my daily food intake into since I found out I was pregnant and I have a pregnancy book that tells me how many servings of each food I should be getting but I need something to help me make sure I am getting all of those daily servings since I am not a great judge on how much a serving is.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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answers from Alexandria on

go to and use Myplate.
This is not specifically for pregnancy, but it is a calorie/nutrition tracker.
It is amazing and I eat so much better since I am aware of how much and what I am eating!
It is also so comprehensive, whether I am eating from home, or any place I go out to, the tracker has the food in it's data base!
It tracks everything; calories, fat, protein, carbs, water intake, etc. You can look at your day, you week and your month! You and your midwife will be happy with how easy it is to use!
Also, it will let you go back and put in previous dates so you can put the info from your previous days and see the patterns of how well you are or are not eating!
Best part? Totally free!!
Congrats on baby #3!

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answers from Dallas on

I had a form from BRADLEY that had the listed intake for each day and I checked it off when I did was mostly to make sure I had enough protein....below I copied what I found quickly that listed the items that were on my checklist.....I am sure if I looked longer I could find the form....hopefully you will or you can just make your own...but I followed the following (well as much as I could).

Every Day, you should have: (examples given are one serving) (Remember, each category is separate and you cannot fill two with one food - if you eat 3 oz of cheese, it can be a protein or a milk, but not both!)

1 Quart of Milk (4 8-oz Glasses) - in any form: milk, cheese, yogurt, even ice cream (although try to watch the fat!)

2 Eggs (cooked any way, in french toast, added to other foods...)

2 Servings of Protein Foods - 3 oz Meat or Fish, 1-1/2 Cup Beans, 3 oz Cheese, 1-1/2 Cup Tofu, etc.

2 Servings Green Vegetables, preferably leafy (1/4-1/2 Cup)

4 Servings of Grains, preferably whole (Whole Wheat Bread -1 slice, Tortilla - 1, Brown Rice - 1 Cup, Oatmeal - 1 Cup)

1 Vitamin C Source - Citrus Fruit/Juice, Tomato, Cantaloupe, etc.

3 Fat Servings - 1 tsp oil/butter/sour cream/mayonaise (some reduced fat products let you use 1 Tbsp instead...)

1 Serving Other Fruit

1 Serving Other Vegetables

Each Week, try to include:

5 Servings Yellow or Orange Colored Fruit/Vegetables

1 Serving of Liver (if you like it - don't force yourself!) [Note: This is controversial as it is an organ meat with a potential for storing harmful substances, and because of the high levels of vitamin A it contains...]

3 Whole Baked Potatos

Plenty of Water/other fluids

Salt your food to taste for safe blood volume!

If you substitute Proteins for Milk/Eggs, you must be sure your proteins are complete and that you get 80-100 grams of protein/day! You must also be sure to include all the elements of a well-balanced diet. While this plan is not the only way to get everything you need in pregnancy, it is one of the easiest ways!

Some recent research (from the Journal of Nurse-Midwifery) suggests that eating too much protein can lead to low birth weight babies! The number to stay below for a singleton pregnancy is 150g/day. The recommended amount of protein for a twin pregnancy is 130g/day, so even moms with twins can eat the recommended amount without worry that they are getting too much!

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answers from San Antonio on

there's probably an app for that. have you searched the app store?


answers from Chicago on has a great one and does a food analysis for you.

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