Pregnancy Dreams

Updated on March 31, 2012
J.P. asks from Graham, NC
6 answers

Has anyone else had experiences with horrifying pregancy related dreams while actually pregnant? I have been having awful dreams this entire pregnancy, from things like hard deliveries and recoveries, to the baby being born with several problems. The worst of them all last night, I won't go into detail but it entailed a lot of blood and a very tiny stillborn baby in my arms in an anbulance. It was so real and horrifying. I slept straight through the night yet woke feel exhausted and physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. Has anyone ever had such awful dreams during pregnancy before? Was there anything you were able to do to curb the dreams or your reaction to them?

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answers from Atlanta on

It's hard to say exacty why this is happening to you. I feel for you, I know how horrible dreams like this can be. Dreams come from our subconsious mind and so there may be hidden fears within yourself that are coming out in this way. Even though dreams are of the mind, the body affects this and it can be something you're eating especially if you're eating at night. Could be hormonal. Maybe you could try putting on a Cd of soothing music, waves, rain sounds, etc., or positive affirmations while going to sleep. Thats what my sisiter did and it changed everything. She put on a CD that had low soft music in the background and a soothing voice that repeated affirmations like, "I will have a calm loving birth", etc.

Hope this helps
The very Best to you and your wee one, I hope all things are better for you and you have a loving, empowering birthing process

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answers from Provo on

I think that the fluctuation of hormones may have something to do with it. I always had horrible claustrophobic dreams when I was pregnant. I would get stuck in weird places. Sometimes it would be public bathroom stalls, closets, and even tunnels and I would get fatter by the time I got to the end and got stuck. I just kept a fan running in my bedroom and near my bed. I could feel the air moving. This seemed to help. Delivering is the only way to solve the issue, I think.



answers from San Diego on

I am 20 wks pregnant and I had horrible dreams for about 2 wks straight. Mine where about my son who is 4yrs old. I kept having dreams that he was lost or kidnapped. I woke up several times with tears in my eyes and my husband said I was yelling my son's name in my sleep. Very scary and real feeling. Hope your dreams are just a prego phase like mine were. My dreams were the strongest in between my first and second trimester. Have not had any in awhile.

Good Luck



answers from Denver on

I always have weird and bad dreams when I am pregnant. I have no idea why. Just do what you can to stay calm and get sleep. No need to give these dreams any energy.

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Chicago on

I have had weird dreams, (baby coming out with a full set of teeth and me feeding him whole carrots in the hospital, for example) but none that were upsetting.

My advice comes from other times when I have had nightmares. I found that writing in a journal before bed and getting my honest feelings OUT and named made it far less likely for them to appear unexpectedly and with images I wasn't prepared for during the night that felt like they were forced on me. For me, keeping a journal where I could let my fears and insecurities "live" also calmed my energy which I think helped too.

Sorry - I know how upsetting they can be. :(


answers from Dayton on

I've been having nightmares. Not baby related but nightmares are unusual for me. :(
Weird dreams are my specialty.
Early in my pregnancy I had several dreams about the most recent one was delivering her in the toilet.
I'm sorry...I know how frustrating it is.
Try to get your mind off of it as fast as you can.
I know if I don't they can effect my whole day.

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