Pregnancy Bloat

Updated on May 14, 2008
N.B. asks from Spring Grove, IL
4 answers

I am 7 weeks pregnant and my stomach has bloated (at least that's what I think it is), it gets bigger by the end of the day and goes down a little by the next morning, but isn't the same as it was before the pregnancy. This happened to me with my 3rd baby as well, but this time I'd like to find out if anyone else has ever found relief for this? I feel really silly having such a big tummy at this point, and am not comfortable with telling everyone I'm pregnant yet (although some people I know may be reading this, and that's ok). Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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I just found out I'm pregnant with baby #2 on mothers day and am already sooo bloated. I look like I'm 2 or 3 months along. I had a similar experience with baby #1. I'm a really small person,so I assume that may be the main culprit. From what I've read, it is normal. Bloating comes with the territory. I have not found anything that helps. Like you, I'm less bloated in the morning and continue to 'grow' as the day goes on. Congrats and good luck!



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I don't have any advice but I know how you feel! I'm 17 weeks pregnant w/ #2. I got very bloated early on (I have a small frame & I think that contributes to it). I would look so big after eating, but I felt funny telling people I was pregnant b/c the baby wasn't making me big, my bloated stomach was! I do think drinking lots of water helps alleviate bloating b/c it makes you go to the bathroom more.



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First of all, congrats! Second, I am pg with my 4th too, and I showed early as well. When I finally told people, a lot of people said, "oh, I thought so, I could tell". Which isn't what you want to hear, but there wasn't much I could do about it. Anyway, I don't have any real advice, but I wanted to let you know you aren't alone!



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I got this with all of my pregnancies... might have been a little water retention....??

Keep in mind that each pregnancy 'shows' a little earlier than the last... combine that with the hormone that causes your muscles to be little more lax during pregnancy, and the blood volume being added and your likely to feel like you need to pull out your 'fat clothes' (thats what i call them anyway...i mean no disrespect :-)) a little sooner than you'd like...

congrats again!

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