Pregnancy and Phlebitis

Updated on January 19, 2009
T.C. asks from Grand Blanc, MI
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Hello ladies,

I am 26 weeks pregnant and I have Phlebitis in my right leg (clotting and infection in the tiny surface veins). I have had it in the past before and after my last baby but not while I was pregnant. My concern is that the high risk specialist has me taking one baby aspirin per day to thin my blood a little to prevent any deep vein clots from forming and to help the surface veins heal. While reading the baby aspirin bottle it says to avoid taking during the last 3 months of pregnancy unless specifically ordered by a doctor (which I was) because it can cause problems with the baby and delivery. I am just wondering if any of you have gone through this and taken aspirin during pregnancy. It is just giving me one more thing to freak out and worry about with this pregnancy. Thanks for any input.

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I also took a baby asprin daily during my pregnancy because of past history of miscarriage due to a positive ANA (immune system attacks pregnancy). Anyways, I had a healthy baby girl in Feb. 2008 and a smooth delivery. I was even told that continuing the baby asprin is fine while nursing if necessary.



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Hello T.,
I am pregnant with 22 weeks, about a month I have problems in one vain and told my doctor, she also recommended me the baby aspirin but she told me to stop at the same time that the bottle says. So I think that should be.




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From everything I've heard with clotting and DVTs, aspirin is not effective. I have two clotting disorders. From what I've heard aspirin helps with clotting in arteries, not veins and does not work to prevent clotting in veins. I would ask to be seen by a hematologist.



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T. ~
As a labor & delivery nurse I can tell you that the baby aspirin is fine to take. With aspirin you worry about bleeding, but with any medication you need to weigh the risks and benefits. The risk of a blood clot to you and the baby (it could travel to the placenta, too) is much higher than the risk of bleeding, especially with a low dose. We often have patients taking lovenox during pregnancy, which is a blood thinner, stronger than aspirin. The perinatologist knows what he is doing....the baby will be fine. They will probably have you stop taking it close to your due date, but they may not.



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You will be fine. I would talk to him about stopping it the week your due. The only reason why it has that warning on it is becuase, Asprin is a blood thinner. So if you take it up to delivery you may have more bleeding than you did the first time. I had to sdo the same with all 4 of mine and I only had one baby that I hemmoraged after on. But it got under control with in three hrs. If you have other blood problems like excessive bleeding hard time clotting. You need to talk to the obgyn about all of it. But other than that you be ok and your baby will be fine and healthy.



answers from Jackson on

T., I am sorry to hear that you have added concerns to this wonderful time of expecting.

I'm just curious,has anyone talked with you about which supplements support healthy blood vessels?

Have you heard how higher blood sugar levels or lots of spikes in the blood sugar can cause your blood to be more sticky?

If you would like to listen to some information about this let me know. I have some good CDs by health professionals that I would share with you.




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Although I did not have phlebitis, I also had to take a baby aspirin during my pregnancy. I was tested for a blood clotting issue and, although it was determined that I ultimately did not have a real problem, my OBGYN told me to take an aspirin every day just as a precaution. I had the same concern that you are having and, when I asked my doctor, he assured me that it was perfectly safe. I can say that I have a perfectly healthy and happy 9 month old boy. I had no problems during delivery and my son was fine. I was also due in son was born April 16, 2008.

Take care and good luck with your family.


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i had to take a baby asprin everyday for different reasons, but it's such a low amount of asprin that it normally doesn't effect the baby or delivery. i used to work in an ob-gyn office and you would be surprised at how many women take a baby asprin w/their pregnancy. when it comes to stuff like that, you have to way the good vs. bad. like, what would happen if you DIDN'T take the asprin? hope this helps and good luck!

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