Pregnancy and Cold Sore.. Is Acyclovir Same to Apply?

Updated on November 02, 2014
A.H. asks from Clearfield, UT
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I got a cold sore in my bottom lip ( no in genital, in fact never had it in there) and I am pregnant. It is a giant cold sore...the worst I have got. I have used Abreva before during pregnancy..and my daughter was born so far fine....with this new pregnancy I dont have abreva and I dont want to buy it cause it is so expensive..but I have acyclovir 5% at home that I got this year during a trip to Peru. I took advantage of how cheap medical work and medicine is there and got my common medicines that I cannot buy in US without a prescription and are sold at a excessive high prices..Have you used acyclovir before during pregnancy?

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answers from Atlanta on

cold sores CAN be the herpes virus. Your Acyclovir is a herpes prescription. Please talk to a pharmacist or your OB to discuss what you can take, put on your body or even consume while pregnant.

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answers from Las Vegas on


Just me, but I would not take medications purchased in another country (unless I were in a hospital). There is no guarantee of quality control or that you're even taking what you THINK you're taking. (ETA: If you 're talking about getting the meds from a legitimate pharmacy or hospital that's different. If it's just some place that offers "cheap" medicine, I would not take it). Either way, I would not take that risk during pregnancy. Just my opinion on that.

To answer your question, I did not use acyclovir when pregnant. When I was pregnant, my ob gave me Denavir 1% cream (penciclovir), for an oral cold sore.

Because your medical history and status are unique to you, you should be asking your ob or a pharmacist regarding the safety of any drug for YOU and your specific condition and status. Just because others have used a particular medication does not mean it will be right for you.

I know that's not the answer you're looking for, but that's why prescription drugs are regulated, and why Drs. and pharmacists go through advanced training for their specialties. Please call them.

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answers from Washington DC on


Talk to a pharmacist about the Acyclovir - it is an FDA pregnancy category B drug which means it is NOT EXPECTED to hurt the baby.

If you have herpes, you really need to talk with your OB/GYN and pharmacist about what you can do to prevent further outbreaks - especially at delivery time.

Good luck!

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answers from Rochester on

Talk to a pharmacist. They will have the most up to date info on safety.

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answers from Chicago on

I just read somewhere that you can take an antacid like Tums or Rolaids and crush it up . Add a little water to make a paste and then apply to the cold sore . I guess it draws out the acid to help it heal . It's worth a try . Good luck 😊

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answers from Chicago on

I use Valcyclovir for mine and confirmed that it is safe during pregnancy. I took it myself during that time.

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answers from Boston on

Abreva never worked for me, not any of the other US cream marketed for cold sores. I am from Europe where the acyclovir cream is available over the counter as "cold sore cream" in any pharmacy for about $5. I checked with my doc here and Zovirax Acyclovir cream is not available in generic form and is super expensive (something like $40 per tiny tube and that is with my insurance). So every time I travel I buy a few tubes to have on hand. I find that if I apply the cream at first tingle, often the cold sore can be prevented.
The other cream that I find works very well for me once the cold sore has developed is Blistex in a tube. CVS carries it in small and larger tubes (still pocket sized). If I use the Acyclovir it dries the cold sore, and then the Blistex kind of numbs it and also keeps it moist so it does not develop a dry crust.
But I agree with the other posts that you should mention the cold sores during your next visit. I myself would start using the topical Acyclovir cream you have to make this current cold sore go away faster. I used the cream during my pregnancy.

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