Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation....

Updated on January 09, 2008
M.F. asks from Southaven, MS
7 answers

Has anyone ever known someone who had their tubes, not only tied, but burned and later got pregnant?

I have read a number of articles that give varying statistics... thought I would ask for some real world examples.... If so, how many years after their tubal ligation did they get pregnant?

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answers from Birmingham on

My husband's cousin got her tubes tied after her second child last year, and the week before Thanksgiving this year she had her third..I'm not sure if she had them burned but I know they were tied some how..



answers from Jackson on

M. yes some women get pregnant after tubals I got pregnant last yr and lost them I was pregnant with twins and my son was 15 had a tubal a day after he was born was suppose to had been cut burned and tied. This is about the 6th person I heard of locally getting pregnant after a tubal.



answers from Hattiesburg on

I've heard of it but I've never heard of the pregnancy lasting. Most pregnancy after your tubes are tied turn out to be ectopic and require surgical removal.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I got a tubal back in 2001 after my 4th child was born. The Doctor did tell me that they are never guaranteed, the first 7 years are the most crucial. I could become pregnant but most likely in the the tubes and would have to have it removed. So far I have been blessed with this not happening. :) I hope this helps.




answers from Nashville on

A friend of mine had her tubes tied were they cut and seared the tubes and she got pregnant. She had a baby girl. It does happen.



answers from Jacksonville on

i have had a tubal ligation done and it has not even been 6 months yet and i am preggers again i went to the er and it is not in my tubes i dont think they did it right...



answers from Nashville on

i have a family member who got her tubes tied iam not sure if burned but she got pregnant a year later, And that really scares me i have 3 boys and i had mine tied and fear that i will get pregnant but maybe ( praying ) that the burning thing works...

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