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Updated on January 13, 2012
J.S. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
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my medical records say i am 30 weeks pregnant but when i went today to see the doctor he told me i was olny 28 weeks pregnant. when i asked him about it he said i lost two weeks because it is a leap year. i am very concerned about this being my first child and never hearing anything of the sort from other mothers and they had no advice for me. i hope you can help me with this problem asap, i would really hate to have to change doctors so late in my pregnancy. if you have any advice that would be helpful to me that would be very much appreciated

thank you
J. S.

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answers from Springfield on

That is a very bizare answer. Is it possible he was just being sarcastic? At my first ultra-sound the tech adjusted my due date about 2 1/2 weeks. She said most likely I ovulated late that month.

You could call the office and speak with the nurse. Perhaps he/she could answer your question. I would definitely try to ask again, but I wouldn't worry too much. Unless there is a problem with the pregnancy and the doctor suggests inducing or a c-section, your body will go into labor when it's ready and your baby will be given a complete physical. The doctors will check you and baby pretty thoroughly.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Maybe call another OB doctor just to get a 2ND opinion.

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answers from Erie on

maybe you just "measured" 28 weeks. I measured a couple weeks behind all throughout my last pregnancy. but that wasn't very nice for him to have said that to you. Figure out how many weeks you are (like PP said) and go from there.



answers from Erie on

The official number of weeks that doctors use is the number of weeks since your last monthly period (they abbreviate it LMP) not since conception. If you can remember this info, you can figure it out for yourself. I recommend doing this, since there are no guarantees that someone didn't make a mistake on your records. You will feel more comfortable knowing how far along you are, when you are out of the woods for pre-term labor and when your expected due date is (40 weeks from LMP)... hope this helps :)



answers from Harrisburg on

Um, I would guess he was joking about the leap year thing? I've never hear of things buying off by two weeks because of leap year. Leap year only adds one day, lol.

With that said, it's not unusal for dates to change as pregnancy goes on. I wish he would have explained that to you rather than saying it was because of leap year. That's just silly. Measurements and growth rates vary during pregnancy and are not accurate. When they measure your belly it just helps to get an idea where you're at. Even ultrasounds are not exact, but it's a better gauge than belly measuring.

K. B
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answers from Pittsburgh on

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I think he was joking! You can't lose weeks of pregnancy. Leap year has an extra day. Makes no sense. I think he was kidding.

Your baby will be born when he or she is ready. It just doesn't matter at all how many weeks pregnant you are! Your doc will measure each time and will tell you how many "weeks" you are measuring, but this is an estimate.

Of all the things that are REALLY important, this isn't one of them. Stick with your doc!



answers from Harrisburg on

I had to laugh. I am sorry, but I have never heard of such a thing. That's what happens when they follow the book and the chart without thinking. Your baby will determine when it arrives by the weight and age as it grows. Keep your doctor, but don't let him take out your baby before time by recommending unnecessary C-section (if you need one for complications, that's different). Get a 2nd opinion if you have to at a local clinic.



answers from Pittsburgh on

For the record, this is not even a leap year, so I really have no idea what the heck he's talking about. The other moms have given some great advice below - good luck and God bless!



answers from Philadelphia on

I totally understand how you feel... I SWORE that my kid was really 2 weeks older (in the womb) than he actually was.... My due date (according to my calculations was August 23rd... ) and according to the doctor was August 31st.... I hadn't even dropped by the end of August... they took my son by C-section on the 26th.

Anyway, the great thing is that it's not the other way around... You would much rather your baby 'cook' as long as possible than be taken out too early. Many doctors do not want women to even go 1-2 weeks past the due date..... so I think you're alright...

Take those 2 weeks and enjoy them! Pamper yourself.... etc... That baby will be here soon enough!
Enjoy and good luck!


answers from Allentown on

Hi, J.:
Why do you want to change doctors?

Count 267 days from the day you got pregnant. You will know more than
the anyone else. Doctors keep you healthy and make sure you have a healthy baby at the time of your delivery. They are not perfect by any means. They don't give you that personal TLC that your family and friends will give you.
It is stressful to be pregnant and you are getting close to the time of your delivery so you are sensitive to remarks made in jest.
Hang in there. You are doing great.



answers from Albany on

go on a website where you can figure out when your last period was and go on that due date. i would also call and talk to one of your nurses. Good Luck



answers from Minneapolis on

Measurements in the 2nd and 3rd trimester are not an indication of how far along you are. You can only get your true due date based on tracking early fetal development. After that, babies fit into an average weight and length by week...and just like after they are born they vary in size quite drastically sometimes. I know for a fact when I conceived, however, I"m measuring 1.5-2 weeks ahead. I agree with what the other poster stated that perhaps you were measuring at 28 weeks.

That said, that doesn't mean that the baby is any younger (or in my case, older) they still need the same amount of time to gestate. In other words, if you're fairly confident you know when you conceived and you've been given a due date based on early ultasounds and all that jazz, you aren't going to end up being pregnant for 42 weeks (at least I hope not) just because your baby is measuring a bit small...also, I heard this from a specialist...measurements at this late stage can be horribly inaccurate due to the baby's position, size and limitations of the ultrasound.

I think he was just pulling your leg.

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