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Updated on September 23, 2011
R.N. asks from Beaverton, OR
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I am currently on Mirena having pregnancy symptoms. I have taken several tests over the past few months and all were clearly negative. Today I took one and one window has a solid line and the other the slightest of slight line. These tests are Target brand. Could I be pregnant?
I been light headed, munching on snacks constantly, tender breasts, abnormal period, nauseous, more emotional, and bloated tummy.

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So What Happened?

*I have now taken 2 test with the same slight line. A blood test has been ordered and I will be going tonight. (5/20)
*(5/21) results are borderline and I am needing to go and do another blood test this Saturday, now I am feeling more light-headed and nauseous.
**Angela- for now they just want the blood tests and say that we will go from there. I am quite worried about the iud as well as I did have a miscarriage (with no bc) before my now 3 year old daughter was conceived. I do have many worries concerns and my emotions are all over. I have never been able to feel my iud, i have never really noticed anything different about it but I have heard about women not knowing it has come out. Thank you for your thoughts and advice

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answers from Portland on

you need to go to the OB. I have a friend who got pregnant with the Mirena. The baby implanted above the Mirena. She now has a beautiful 3 year old, but they fully anticipated that she would miscarry after they removed the Mirena. Best of luck!

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answers from Seattle on

you could be, just call your doctor and have them do a test.



answers from Raleigh on

I had all of those symptoms at some point while on Mirena. That, and the absence of a period, almost drove me crazy. I took I don't know how many pregnancy tests. As for your test- was this the blue dye test or the pink dye? If blue, retake with a pink dye (like First Response). They are generally easier to read and less likely to mistake for a faint line. I know on at least one of the many tests I took during these times (blue dye), I thought I saw a faint line- of course, I was not pregnant.



answers from Tulsa on

I was on the Mirena and these symptoms are normal. I also could never lose any weight when on it and my periods were crazy. Had mood swings and my boobs were so tender etc. My best advice is get that thing taken out you will feel like a new person. Because having it in the symptoms wont go away. hope this helps



answers from Cleveland on

Might be - I'd make an appointment w/ your doc asap.



answers from Seattle on

Yikes! Have they done an ultrasound to see if the IUD has fallen out or otherwise made it's way out of your uterus?

I was having the same symptoms many months in a row (but never even a faint positive on a test) and it turns out my IUD was coming out on it's own. It just slowly made it's way down until I actually felt it poking me and TMI-could reach the hard plastic!! I had an u/s because of ovary pain I was having and they told me the IUD was down way too far, a few weeks previous to that, so I wasn't totally surprised when it happened, but it was still unnerving.

I hope everything goes ok and you get the answers you want and don't have any complications with anything. I'll be thinking of you!



answers from Portland on

It would not be a good thing to get pregnant while using an IUD. If you think you are pregnant, you should contact your OB right away.



answers from Seattle on

I have heard specifically that the Target brand tests have a reputation for false positives....



answers from Washington DC on

Congrats! (sounds to me like you're definitely PREGO) See your doctor!


answers from Albany on

i have read ANY show of a positive line, however faint (within the time limit of course) is a positive reading, time to call the doc i think, good luck!

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