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Updated on March 20, 2011
K.F. asks from East Longmeadow, MA
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My husband and I just started trying for our third and last baby. Wouldn't you know it, I just got diagnosed with high blood pressure. My family doctor wants me on meds. to keep my pressure down during pregnancy. Has anyone taken any specific blood pressure medication during pregancy? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Lafayette on

i took them through part of my pregnancy. metroprolol(?) i think was what i was on. my doctor said it was very safe. the only reason i was on that instead of atenolol (the usual one they prescribe) is cause i'm allergic to atenolol. you should be fine. just let them know you're trying to get pregnant and ask for something that will be safe if you get pregnant.

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answers from Seattle on

I was for a total of two days. it gave me migraines you wouldnt believe. i lost sight through one of them. I will refuse blood pressure meds, until some doctor says take them or you will die. thats my input. its very one sided because i am sure there have been many women who have taken them and had no side effects. Mine was just horribly painful.




answers from Boston on

I had high blood pressure before I got pregnant. I take magnesium supplements (with zinc, D3 and one other I can't think of at the moment all in one pill-I found it at Target or BJ's and it's cheap) 3 times a day (with no actual blood pressure meds) and it helps keep it down without being a risk to the baby. My ob has approved it and said she even uses it during pregnancy to treat the common constipation problems. Also, it is not uncommon for blood pressure to drop early in pregnancy. I am 16 weeks now and have had great blood pressure readings! Good luck with everything!



answers from Boston on

No need to go on any meds for blood pressure, in fact now is the time to clean up your diet. Cut down on red meat(or any meat for that matter, diary and other saturated fatty and fried foods. Focus on whole
Foods, whole grains and vegetable. Also start taking healthy omega 3-6 oils like fish, flax and evening primrose. The herbs nettles and red raspberry leaf are not only good for pregnancy but also help
With blood pressure and water retention. You can look up some good articles at read the china study, and nourishing traditions. It's all about what you eat! Good luck!



answers from Burlington on

I was on Norvasc (amlodopine) through my entire pregnancy. There are several drugs you can take during pregnancy, and some you can't. My suggestion - stop trying for #3 for a few months, go see your doctor and get started on medication to see how you tolerate it (what works for one make another's ankles swell intolerably). Once you've figured out what works for you, get back to trying. This will likely take several months.
Do ask your doctor if you can wait until after pregnancy and nursing to get on medication. Depending how high your blood pressure is, this might be OK.



answers from Springfield on

I have had HBP since I was very young (19) due to kidney issues and have had 2 children while on medication. Let your doc know you want to have another baby and they can put you on meds that are safe during pregnancy. I took methydopa or aldomet same med just different names. Most regular medications are safe while nursing. Your pregnancy will need to be monitored more closely and there may come a time when you are put on bed rest. Just a side note there are a lot of different meds available and some have side effects you may need to monitor yourself to find which will work for you when you are not pregnant. Good Luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I can't help you with medication, but you can always google some natural ways to lower your blood pressure and maybe go see a holistic practitioner to try to get out of taking medication.

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