Precocious Puberty / Leuprolide Injection

Updated on January 01, 2014
H.S. asks from Kings Mills, OH
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Has anyone here had experience with this?

My daughter (8 1/2) is going to see a pediatric endocrinologist in hopes that we could potentially start her in this process. I wouldn't be choosing to do this only because of early onset of puberty, but because she is developmentally and socially very young. I would say she's socially more like a 5-6 yr old. She simply doesn't have the mental capacity to take on understanding the changes as they happen and the start of her menstruation. Her pediatricain told me she is an ideal candidate for the treatment.

Mostly, I'd like to get some feedback on the med, and if your own daughter has taken it, if the side effects were bad, if it was successful, and if you would recommend it.

Thanks in advance.

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answers from Portland on

I did a little Googling,, this is from the National Library of Medicine site:

I think you should take a few minutes to sit down and look through all of this. You can also look online for anecdotal feedback, but be aware that many people who use a drug/medication successfully do not post on it, whereas many who had adverse reactions might. Just something to keep in mind.

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answers from Anchorage on

I would definitely read up on it and compare the dangers of the drugs with the benefits of stopping early puberty before deciding what to do. Ask your doctor lots of questions, no question is too small.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter did get the injections from the age of about 14 months until she was about 11. I can't help you with side effects because she was just a baby when she started on the lupron. She received a shot monthly only after many, many tests. She had brain scans, ultrasounds, Pap tests, X-rays, numerous day long blood tests, etc. I did talk with a couple adults who took the lupron for only a couple months for issues they had. They said they were miserable on the medicine and could not believe that my daughter took it as long as she did. We really had no choice as her bones (bone age) thought she was more than seven when she was barely a year old. Once your bones think you are about twelve for a girl they close up and you don't grow much at all at that point. I would really look into it before giving her the shots. If she's 8 1/2 already maybe you just need to start explaining what's going to happen. Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

As the other moms say, read up on it. Make sure you are getting your information from valid websites.

You might want to get a second opinion.

One thing I would want to know is, what happens if you start this treatment and then decide to stop because your daughter is having too many adverse effects?

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