Pre-teen Dandruff

Updated on January 11, 2011
R.S. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Any reccomendations for getting rid of dandruff my 10 year old daughter has? I'm not sure if it is just shampoo build up from not rinsing well or somethign else. She uses hair gel, but rarely (2-4/month). I am hoping for something more along the natural side versus Head and Shoulders. Anything I can pick up at Whole Foods? Thanks!

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answers from Sacramento on

try tea tree shampoo and conitioner from Paul Mitchell, forget the head and shoulders Im a hairdresser and highly recommend it

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I have dealt with this problem my whole life!!! I only got it under control in recent years and it was really bad, flaky, bleeding scalp...(tmi??)

Yes, rinsing is crucial. She needs to take the extra time to get ALL of it off every time. Seems like a no brainer but it makes a difference.

I did switch to organic stuff at Whole Foods. What you want is something without parabens in it. The one I usually use is Aubrey organics. They make a pretty good conditioner as well. Using this stuff unfortunately, you will sometimes get oil build up. What I do, is save a conventional clarifying shampoo to use once a week or so. The other things I've tried is to rinse with a little diluted vinegar and that helps.

Head and Shoulders and all those Charcoal based shampoos never helped me a bit. My doctor even prescribed topical medication and that didn't help either. Plus, it was miserable to apply it with all my hair. The best thing I did was to rinse EXTRA thoroughly and try to go as organic as possible. This includes lotions and things like that as well, since one thing my doctor told me is that the place your skin is flaring up is not always the same site as the exposure was. Again, look for paraben free and fragrance free, that is what helped me. Good luck!



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Nature's Gate has an excellent Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner that I use. It smells great! Good luck.


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My daughter is 13 and has very thick hair. If you find the natural things aren't working, I have to say that we use Head and Shoulders about once a week (and I do the washing over the sink so we get it deep into the roots and also get it completely rinsed out) and it has solved our dry scalp problems.



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Hi R.,

We use a shampoo that has a base of melaleuca (high grade tea tree) oil. It will remove anything that is not supposed to be there and also will heal the scalp if there is an issue. If it is not a buildup and is truly dandruff, it is simply ezcema of the scalp. That is a systemic, nutritional issue that needs to be handled with diet. Removing processed foods and fast foods from her diet would be the first step if you haven't already done that. an absorbable multivitamin would also help.




answers from Biloxi on

My son developed dandruff several years ago and the first product he used was from Regis Salons - Green Tea shampoo and conditioners - worked wonderfully. In 4 days his scalp was clear. After that using that shampoo just a few times a week maintained it for him. We have since switched to Fructris Garnier (sp?) dandruff shampoos. They have several varieties depending on the scalp, including a two in one with shampoo and conditioner in it.

Although not all natural, this product works really well and is reasonably priced compared to the cost of the salon products he was using.



answers from San Francisco on

i really like the brand "alaffia" which has a "neem and shea scalp recovery shampoo." look for it at whole foods or other health food stores, or on line. if it persists, it could be more serious, like fungus, excema (sp?) or psoriasis. there is an ayurvedic product that is used for psoriasis that worked wonders on my daughter's severe dandruff. let me know in the future if you want more info on that. good luck mama!

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