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Updated on November 11, 2013
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
8 answers

Mamas & Papas-

Any recommendations for good pre-school aps, they can be strictly fun, or educational, but not too challenging. I have two of the "bo the giraffe" ones on my i-phone, thought to get a couple more, to use as the occassional treat.

Also, thinking about getting an i-pad or the equivalent. Is there a childproof version of this? one that will survive the occassional fall and spill?

F. B.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We have a iPod that my kids use. Here are the apps my 3 year old loves (all free):
fruit ninja
pocket frogs
Thomas the Train activities
Where's my water
Hill climb
zoo sounds
race penguin
dog story (by Tabtale)
gingerbread (by Tabtale)
Xmas tale (by Tabtale)

I don't know of a kid-equivalent iPad though. The iPod is basically an iPhone that doesn't make calls - it only works through WiFi.

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answers from Tampa on

We love our Nabi 2. We have one for our 2 yr old and our 4 year old. It has a nice food grade silicone bumper (that can be removed as they get older) and it has great parental controls built in. Plus it comes with books and games and apps already pre-loaded! You can also add apps from Amazon app store or side load android apps.

My girls are very verbal/auditory so they like to read/hear the books that are pre-loaded or play with the music apps (drum, keyboard, piano). The 4 year old likes to try Sprinkle! (a game where you put out fires by directing a water stream).

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answers from Washington DC on

My friend says to get the kid case for an iPad. It will take a beating. I don't know about apps but you can also look at



answers from Minneapolis on

Starfall ABC's (I think Starfall has some other App's too but we haven't used yet)
Toddler Marine PreSchool
Jake and The Pirates Pirate School
Jump Start Pre-School

We just use I pod touch right now...They each have their own and it works.



answers from Phoenix on

Both Bugs and Buttons games are great-fun and educational.
The Team Umizumi game does a great job teaching numbers too.
As for childproofing, I have a heavy duty, military ranked case on both of our iPads. They're around $50-75, made by Guardian, similar to Otterbox. My iPad has bounced down the stairs, fallen off the kitchen counter face-down on the marble floor, fallen from the bed hundreds of times, even landed on the driveway once, and it's still perfect. The case also protects against blowing dust and light rain, so spills should be ok, but not a drop in the toilet.



answers from Chicago on

We like bugs and bubbles (similar to bugs and buttons indicated below).



answers from Los Angeles on

For iPhone or ipad I love monkey lunchbox and monkey math.



answers from Chattanooga on

I just downloaded "Bugs and Buttons 2" on my iPad, and my DD is LOVING it!

My iPad has been great; and has lasts surprisingly well. I don't have a case for it, and my DD has been using it for over a year now... Of course, I taught her how to handle it correctly... But it has withstood a few drops and such.

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