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Updated on August 03, 2011
N.L. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms. We live on the south side of Chicago in the Beverly area and have a son that will turn 3 in September. I'm a stay at home mom due to being laid off, which has been wonderful, but money can be tight. We would like to enroll our son somewhere come September where he would not only get socialization but education too. In addition, I would love a few hours per week to run errands and/or get anything done. We've looked at a few places such as All Day Montessori and Learning Hands that are just too pricey. I don't think he can attend pre-school at any Chicago Public Schools yet b/c he won't be 3 by September 1st. He's just not being stimulated enough at home and I believe he would flourish in pre-school if we can find one that is affordable. Can anybody help? Thanks SO much! I'm ready to cross this off my list and stop stressing about it.

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I was going to say park district too. We have had great luck with our local park and for under $150 a quarter you can't beat the price. I have a 3 and 4 year old and they both love the activities and friends. Also, if you are looking at CPS preschool for next year, you need to start looking next month. Many of the schools have open houses in Sept. and Oct. and then you have to apply by December for the following year. I learned this a little too late the first time around...

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The Chicago park district has tons of programs for 3 year olds - since your son will be 3 in Sept and the programs start in Sept, you should be fine. Their registration starts Aug 15th. You can get a list of fall programs on their website - They have programs like art&abc's, kiddie college, as well as just "pre-school". And their prices are really much less than private!

Good Luck.

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A good place to start is your local child care resource and referral agency. The local child care resource and referral agency can provide you with a listing of programs in the areas of your choice. They also provide consumer education material. The local child care resource and referral agency in Cook County is Illinois Action For Children. You can contact them at ###-###-#### or email them at [email protected]

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I second the park district!
They have great programs, and Art and ABC's is the closest thing to preschool you'll find. We'll be enrolling in that this fall (hopefully) as well.

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