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Updated on July 15, 2009
S.C. asks from Bowling Green, OH
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My husband and I moved recently and, unfortunately, our Verizon cell phones no longer work. We wound up getting a land line, but now are in need of cell phones. I don't think that we need an actual monthly plan, since we won't be using the phones very often. I'll be using mine for texting (I really miss it!) and for the occasional calls from the car or work. My husband will be mostly using his for occasional calls to and from home or in an emergency. I think a pre-paid plan would work best for us. I've done so much research my head is spinning! We're thinking of going with Virgin Mobile or TracPhone. I don't want something that I have to renew the minutes every month, so going with one of the major carriers is sort of out of the question. It appears that Virgin Mobile and TracPhone will both work in our area. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or experiences with either company. I'm pretty torn at this point! We need to get something before the weather gets bad. Thanks Mammas! :D

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I just got Consumer Cellular after my contract with Verizon was up. You pay monthly for a set amount of minutes--I got 200 for $20. which is plenty for me--no complicated bills or plans or need to remember anything--I get a notice to pay in my email. I have not traveled with it yet but the coverage map looked better than Verizon and there are no roaming charges anywhere in the US--I got annoyed when I had to pay that when I was traveling through Chicago(I could not beleive they did not have towers there!) My Mom has Trac Phone and has been happy with it. Both of these are easy to understand for us older folks!



answers from Columbus on

My hubby and I had a Virgin Mobile phone years ago and I absolutely loved it. It was easy to use and their customer service was great. My husband is using Trac phone now and we have also been very satisfied with them. I think both companies are equally great and you can't go wrong with either. I would go with whatever company has the better rates and if they are equal, flip a coin. :-)



answers from Dayton on

We use TMobile. If you spend $100 on minutes initally, you are a Gold Member meaning you get 15% more minutes for the money and they will roll over as long as you buy more within a year. Works for us.



answers from Columbus on

Have you checked into Boost Mobile? They are really great and you can buy your minutes just about everywhere. I get mine from Walmarts back in the electronic department.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My hubby and I both use Virgin Mobile and love it. I don't use my phone very often (mainly texting and an occasional call if I'm out and about) and I spend less than $10 a month! My hubby uses his a good deal and he spends about $20 a month which is still amazing compared to other companies cell phone plans. You can set up the phones to top up automatically using your credit card when the balance gets low or you can buy prepaid cards that you enter into the phone at walmart or any drug store. You can also check your balance online and buy extra ring tones and backgrounds and such. Anyways, Virgin Mobile gets my recommendation as you can see :) Good luck!

OOPS!! I just realized this was a really old question :) I'm sure you have things figured out by now!

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