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Updated on March 04, 2010
J.H. asks from Smyrna, TN
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I am new to the smyrna, murfreesboro area and am trying desperately to find a Pre-K for my son next year. There are lots of preschools and daycare's but not alot of affordable Pre-Kindergarten programs. I want to get him into a program that runs 4-5 days per week for several hours in the am. Does anyone have any sugguestions.

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answers from Miami on

enroll him in kumon learning center



answers from Nashville on

Rutherford County school system has some Pre-K programs that are available (there are some pre-requisites). Other than that, I would look into some of the local churches. There are some that have certified Pre-K programs, but, of course, you have to pay for those :) Good Luck!



answers from Nashville on

Have you checked out Smyrna Christian School. They have both a five day program and a two day program. The five day program goes until noon and you can pay a little extra a month for longer if necessary. The two day program is until 2. They run on the Rutherford County School schedule and have the same days off and holidays. Both of my children went to this preschool and they not only loved it but it really helped get them ready for regular school. Also, a lot of their preschool friends ended up in the same regular school that they attend and they are still friends. I loved this school. It is very affordable and you pay monthly not weekly. The five day program fills up fast so mid-year you would probably only have the option of the two day and possibly a waiting list in the five day if a spot opens up. You would also likely have priority for the five day program next year. The phone number is ###-###-#### and the address is 112 Division Street.



answers from Nashville on

J., some of the information I gave you was outdated about the county is the link to get the most current details and dates...sorry about that!



answers from Nashville on

In M'boro there are a few but one that is pretty good is St Mark's. It is on Rutherford Blvd, Northfield Blvd turns into Rutherford. It is 5 days a week from 8a to 2p and is $300/ month. There are others that are 2-3 days a week that are cheaper but for 5 days a week that is about average. There is also First United Methodist which is pretty popular. These schools are well known which helps your child get into certain schools. It is located on Thompson Lane, not sure how much it is.

Good luck, W.



answers from Atlanta on

FBC has the creative learning center. It's affordable, clean and great teachers. My son did the 2 day program and the pre k. We loved it! Oh, get in asap. When they have registration ALL of the good places fill up quickly.


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