Praying I Am Pregnant!!!!

Updated on May 24, 2011
D.W. asks from Houston, TX
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Hello everyone. I am new to this kind of thing. I don't really do internet that often. I have been reading through some of the forum questions and answers and it seems like a lot of people give great advice and answers so I figured that I would try to see what people think about my situation. I am a 41 year old female that has always wanted a child. I have never been prenant and never have been on birth control.. I have had exploratory surgery back in 1999 and was told that I had some small tumors that were removed during the surgery. Since then to my knowledge I have had no issues. I had lung surgery in OCT last year. After the surgery I had cycles every 14 to 17 days. In March I went to the doc and he put me on progesterone. I had a 28 days cycle which was great I thought. My last Cycle was April 10th. I used an ovulation kit to try to determin when I would ovulate according the test I ovulated on or about the 25th of April. My next cycle should have started on or about the 7th or 8th of May. On the 12 of May in the morning and late in the evening, also on the 13th in the evening and the 14th in the morning, I had some brown spotting but only when I wiped (Sorry if TMI), nothing ever showed on the pad or liner I was wearing because I thought my cycle was starting late. Needless to say I still have no cycle and I have had a negative HTP as well as a negative BT. Has anyone else gone through the same thing and actually have been pregnant.

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So What Happened?

Hello everyone. I am still waiting for my cycle to start. I took another HPT on yesterday and it is still negative. Not sure what is going on. I have a co-worker that advised me that she did not get a positive result until she was 3 months. In the mean time I am still praying for a positive soon. Will try to wait at least a week to test again.

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My niece had two months of missed periods before the test was positive! You may very well be pregnant & should keep testing regularly!

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Sending my Most Fertile Mind Control Vibes at you (don't blame me if every woman on your street gets pregnant too though!)


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Prayers for you.....good luck!

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Possible......Try another test in a few days. Good luck :)

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I have no advice other than to say I'll say a prayer for you!

While I haven't had too many issues getting pregnant, I have friends who have and was a surrogate twice for women who couldn't get pregnant. I wish you the very best!

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It's common to spot during implantation, so it's possible you are pregnant and it was too soon for the test to see. I agree give it a little more time and try again! Good luck!



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I have had a negative blood test & was pregnant.



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sounds positive! it might just be too soon for a test to show up. try again when the box says it will work best.


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Many prayers being sent your way.....GOOD LUCK and please let us know what happens.

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