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Updated on March 31, 2007
D.D. asks from Elkton, MD
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Hi I would once again like to ask for prayers and thoughts for a co worker's unborn grandaughter. I found out the other day that my co-worker's daughter in law had been in the hospital for 44 days, unfortunatly I have no names to give, however the daughter in law is current;y 6 months pregnant, and her water broke during her 5th month.

The baby girl has brain function and a normal heart beat, but she has no lung tissue that has been found by ultrasound. My heart is bleeding for this woman, her unborn daughter and her family. I would like to ask if everyone could say a little extra prayer for this baby girl. As I get more information I will update.
Thanks... Sorry for not having any names, I will try to get that information as soon as possible.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Dear D.
I really, really hope everything is going to be okay with the baby and the family.


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answers from Philadelphia on

please let her know we are praying...
may God be with that sweet baby!
M. & family



answers from Philadelphia on

Prayers are coming your and their way!!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Just a word of encouragment. A friend has 3 healthy children. In all 3 pregnancies, her water broke at 25 weeks. She carried them all, in the hospital, to within 6 weeks of term.
I will pray for her, the baby and the family.



answers from Reading on

Hi D. i spent 21 weeks hospitalized with my fourth and last pregnancy. It was the hardest time of my life. I will pray for her and her unborn baby. Let her know miracles and prayers do happen my daughter is now 3 and a half she was born 4 weeks premature and is absolutely perfect in everyway. She beat the odds they gave her. Please do something nice for her. It is very boring and hard to be in the hospital and you have way too much time to think about things. Maybe you could get her some books from her favorite author or have a masseuse come in if shes allowed that i was and man it was great. I will be praying for them both. please let me know how she makes out. steph



answers from State College on

I am sending a prayer their way. My bfs sister had a baby at 24 weeks pregnany. he was 1 lb 9 oz. he survived thank God



answers from Pittsburgh on

AWWW...That brought Tears to my eyes when I read this. Everytime I hear something bout a Child n Baby ...I can feel My Heart drop. Yes I will pray for "Our Lil Angel" and Family as well as all loved ones n Friends Surrounding Her.
My Blessings n Prayers to all !



answers from Philadelphia on

i will be sure to keep her in my prayers. best wishes.



answers from Atlanta on


I will definately keep your co-worker and her family in my prayers!! I went through something similar last Feb. with my twins (a boy and a girl). Unfortunately, they did not make it - so I can really sympathize. There's nothing anyone can do or say to make the situation better, but prayer does wonders! It helped (and still helps) me deal.

Please update - I would love to hear about a happy ending here!!!


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