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Updated on July 29, 2008
J.M. asks from Framingham, MA
4 answers

Thanks so much for all the great feedback on some other questions. Here's a practical one that I can't quite figure out - We have two dogs. My son just started crawling, and the thing he wants most in the world is to crawl over to the dogs' water bowl and play in it. I really don't want to be constantly cleaning up spilled water, but I don't want to deprive the dogs either. Anyone have a genius plan that has worked? thanks!

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Hi J.,

I had the same issue with our cat bowls when my boys were younger. We moved their food dish and water dish to the basement steps. We do have a cat door which made it easier for them to get in and out as they chose....not sure how much trouble you would want to go through but I know they sell dog doors too. Good luck.



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Laughing becuase all my kids did that. They get over it adventually but it is annoying after a while. I would just pick up the bowls when they seemed most interested in that activity and put them back down once they are engaged in somethng else. Of course even now with the youngest being 3yrs old she will at times use the water bowla s a swimming pool for her dolls. Good luck!



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I too am laughing. My daughter was wanting to play in it and even showing me dog chow in her mouth (which totally grossed me out). It is a phase and keep saying "no". One day my husband was suppose to be watching her while I ran errands and when I got home there was my daughter, diaper and all sitting in the water bowl laughing. I, of course, yelled at my husband and he says "she's in there again!!!". Thank God this phase didn't last long and she got over it. I know this is no solution but had to let you know they all are the same. Good Luck



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Hi J., we have the same problem.

What size are your dogs? If they are medium to large sized dogs you can buy an elevated feeding station for their food and water bowls that will put them out of reach of a crawler. You can also make one yourself cheaply by cutting circle sized holes in a cardboard box and then setting the bowls inside the holes.

This solution won't work once the baby is pulling up though. We've had to gate her out of the area where the dog bowls are because nothing stops her. She'll respond to a gentle "no" but if we turn our backs she's right after the water again.

If you find a magic solution let me know!


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