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Updated on April 11, 2011
G.A. asks from Apollo Beach, FL
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I need help please my mother has tried 3 times already to commit suicied, this last time she almost accomplished it, she is now in the mental health unit at LRMthe nurse said my dad can go to court and get power of attorney over her, then today when he talked to her dr he was told basicly we cant do nothing cause shes an adult, well sure she is but how can she make any decsions when its ovious she isnt mentally ok, we r all so worried i think she will be released tmrw, they only give them 72hrs in there, its impossible for any of us to watch her 24-7 i mean we all have to work, i really feel she will do this again but the next time i dont think she will warn me, my father caught her in just in time, to call 911, she over dosed on pills, please help on any advice

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I believe you will have to have her declared incompetent by the court. If she's declared incompetent, then a guardian (probably your dad) will be needed. He would then be in charge of making all of her medical and financial decisions. I think there can also be a a court appointed guardian. I think it would be best to contact an attorney.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Does she have reasons to want to do this? Have you looked into hospitals and assisted living facilities in the area?

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answers from Redding on

So sorry you're going through this.
Unless she gets serious and intensive help, no piece of paper will keep her from trying to take her own life.
Perhaps in a lucid moment, you can get her to agree to voluntarily assign a power of attorney in order to protect your father's assets. I mean, she may not care about herself, but does she have feeling for the rest of the family?
She may not.
You may have to try to have her declared incompetent as well as a danger to herself.
My in laws voluntarily gave up power of attorney to my husband because Grandpa was losing his marbles. (Alzheimer's). It was done to protect my mother in law and their assets. He also petitioned for and received power of attorney for his adult brother who clearly is incapable of caring for himself or managing his own affairs.
It can be done.
I really hope that your mom gets the help she needs.
My very best wishes to you and your family.



answers from New York on

Even if your Dad gets POA or she is declared incompetent, it will not stop
her from trying to committ suicide if she home. Chances are he will not
get POA . To get her declared incompetent you must go to the courts I
think. It is a tough situation. She really needs to be in a mental health
facility for a while. Would she agree? Is it possible for someone to get
thru to her, a priest, rabbi, or someone she looks up to. I will keep you in
my prayers. I hope it all works out. Try going to the social services dept
in the facility she is in now, before she is discharged.



answers from Chicago on

Your father can't get power of attorney without your mother's permission. What he needs to do is establish a CONSERVATORSHIP. He will need a good attorney to file the necessary legal documents, and he will need a health professional to declare that your mother is not competent to make her own decisions. This is what Britney Spears' dad had to do to gain control of her finances. Good luck. I'm sorry you're in such a horrible situation.



answers from Dallas on

this must be so heartbreaking for you!!! omg, bless your heart. I'm not sure if this varies state to state but i know in TX the person has to agree to you becoming POA before becoming incapacitated. If it's afterwards, the paper doesn't mean anything b/c they weren't in their right mind to give POA. i'm not sure what you need/want POA for though. i think it's good for everyone to have it - especially mentally/physically disabled people. but having POA doesn't mean you can put her back in a psych ward, b/c they can't force her to stay if she doesn't wanna stay, perhaps if you had guardianship...but i'm not even sure on that either. now regarding the 72 hours discharge, you & your dad need to talk to the social worker or social worker supervisor first thing in the a.m. & tell them THIS IS NOT A SAFE DISCHARGE. the standard stay here is 72 hours, but typically if they went as far as your mom did in trying to commit suicide, then dang, she should either be staying longer to get stabilized or have a different discharge plan other than coming home to a family that works FT. emphasize to the social worker that her coming home will NOT be a safe discharge plan b/c there will be no one there for supervision & you are very sure she will try this again. it is THEIR responsibility to ensure a safe discharge. nobody can stop your mom from trying this again, but her being released to a supervised location can at least curtail any future attempts while she tries to get better. i CANNOT imagine how you must feel sweetie. i'm so sorry you're going through this. try to stay strong for you & your dad. you're doing a good job by even asking around. i'll say a prayer for you & your family right now....good luck.. :)

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