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Updated on November 12, 2010
T.P. asks from Arnold, MD
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My three and a half year old girl is having potty issues. This is not something new with her. If I don't give her Miralax everyday she starts to have difficulty going poop. It quickly turns into a battle because she holds it in for fear that it will hurt. She is a picky eater so getting enough of the right food in her is a challenge. Any advice on how to keep her going as naturally as possible?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the overwhelming responses. So far I have purchased a bunch of fruit/veggie juices to see if she will drink them. She liked the first one I tried. She is on MiraLax but I don't like having to give it to her everyday. I will try your suggestions and report back in about a week. Nice to know I am not alone:)

Here I am a couple weeks later and my sweet girl is doing much better.
What has worked:
She likes Fruitable jusices
Fletchers-laxitive, it is natural and she loves it
Loves her black medicine so much I was able to get her to start drinking prune juice....told her it was her special black juice only for her and not her Brothers. She seems to be happy with that so far and I am not stressed and upset seeing her so uncomfortable.
She will eat raw spinach and sliced broccoli stems...
Thank you everyone!

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answers from Washington DC on

Kimberly gave you a lot of great advice. I will add a few things from my holistic practice.
This is fixable, despite what some other poster's Dr. said. Most Dr.'s are not required to take more than 10 hrs. of nutrition in med school anyway.
In addition to fiber, water is extremely important in this equation. Smoothies are a great way to get veggies, and fiber into her. You can disguise many veggies in a smoothie. Get to Whole Foods or MOM's and look for the non dairy smoothies. Dairy is definitely a big issue. Look at labels because even cheeses that say soy, or almond sometimes have casein( dairy product) in them.
There is a wonderful chiropractor in Annapolis that works on children. I don't have the name near me. But feel free to contact me and I can get this to you.
Chiropractic can help with potty issues.
Keep working on it.

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answers from Richmond on

2 things I do w/my son (2 yo, picky eater, constipated frequently) is put just a spash of prune juice in w/apple juice and water. The combo of the added water and the prune juice help but the apple juice mask the flavor. He also LOVES mac and cheese. So I buy organic/reduced sodium and when I make the cheese sauce, I add in pureed spinach (either organic baby food or make your own). I have also used squash purees, apple purees and carrot purees. They have helped A LOT.



answers from Boston on

Have you talked to your pedi about adding benefiber or some other supplement to her foods?

Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

Will she eat food that naturally has large amounts of fiber? Like raspberries, pumpkin, squash? How about prune juice?



answers from Washington DC on

load her up with fiber that she doesn't know about. We would give fig newton "cookies", plum smart juice with extra fiber, syrup on pancakes, anything you can think of that has fiber in it that you can get into her without her knowing. I would break the Miralax habit. She can develop a dependency on that. My daughter is extremely picky, so we had to really work hard to get the fiber foods snuck into her diet.



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My daughter had a related problem once and we actually visited a pediatric G.I. specialist. For keeping stool soft, he recommended prunes, prune juice and even pear juice, believe it or not. Also, push as much water all day long as you can. Disguise the stuff she won't take straight.



answers from Tulsa on

ice cream daily. :) you can get sugar free also



answers from Washington DC on

V8 VFusion juice works wonders!! It is healthy for your daughter and it will keep her regular. I dilute my sons - 50% juice and 50% water. When our Pedi asked what type of juice I began, he was thrilled that we started with the V8 Vfusion for the health and regularity reasons. Hope this helps your daughter too.


answers from Dallas on

I just talked to our pedi about this today. He said that some kids just never grow out of this, and some do, and that our guess was as good as his as to when it would ease up for her. He said that you could take miralax every day for the rest of your life and you'd be fine, so until she is eating healthier, I'd just stick with that.

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