Potty Training Twins - Amarillo, TX

Updated on January 18, 2007
J.S. asks from Amarillo, TX
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i have 22 month old twin boys and i want to start potty training. i would love some suggestions from other moms with twin boys.

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answers from Austin on

The first question is are they interested in it? I don't have twins, but I do have a 4 yo boy and 3 yo girl. It is very hard work potty training two kids at the same time. My daughter is completely potty trained, and my son is still working on pooping in the potty. When they started wanting to potty on the toilet...sitting on it, not doing anything and then flushing, I started them on pull-ups. That was a mistake...they looked at them like diapers. When I finally figured that out, I just put them both in big-kids underwear. That has help...granted I have to wash a lot of little boy's underwear since he has poopy accidents, but he is making more of an effort as he doesn't like the feel of it, nor does he like the fact that his sister is doing better than he is.

Just make sure they are showing an interest in the potty. Try to take them every hour. Take them together. Praise and make a big deal. Do they like stickers or anything like that? You can make a little chart for them and give them stickers for each time they do a tinkle or poopie. A friend of mine taped paper to the back of the toilet, turned her son around and let him color while he was waiting to let the poopie out. That is the hardest time I've had so far is keeping Tristan on the toilet long enough to let all the poopies out.

Good luck! They will get it.



answers from San Antonio on

you can start now and work at it for a year, or you can wait till they are around 3 (like our pediatrician recommended) and be done in 2 or 3 days. your choice. i think the fewer battles and failures, the better.



answers from Corpus Christi on

i used to make a big deal(clapping and lots of hugs) everytime my daughter went potty. I would take her every hour for the first week. I still take her twice at night so she wont potty the bed. I also put her in big girl underware and made it a big deal to wear them. I was not real hard on her. I tried to potty train at 18 months but she was not ready. She let me know she was ready a year later and it was my job not to put too much pressure on her or myself and it kind of just happened! hope this helps.



answers from Killeen on

Wow! You have your hands full! Really the only advice that I have personally is to make sure that they are ready to be potty trained...I waited until my son was a little over three, but it was so easy, because he was really ready for that transition. Once I made the decision to potty train him, I put him in underwear right away. I think that they understand more if they pee pee in underwear vs a pull up. My son did not care if a pull up was wet, but did not want wet underwear. I hope that everything worls out for you.



answers from Austin on

Hi J.,

Don't have twins but do have 2 boys 29 mos and 10 mos. My oldest showed some interest when his little brother was born but quickly lost it. We started again a few weeks ago and I still do not think he is ready. He will now go on the potty but will not tell us he has to go and often fights if we ask him to go use the potty. I just moved from the Plano area and had a huge networking group of moms and am getting plugged in down here. EVERY mom from Dallas to Austin and everywhere in between tell me that boys "don't get it" until they are three. Also, YOU have to be ready...potty training is hard for everyone involved. Won't hurt to start now but know that perfection might not come for another year. Trust me, I know what it is like to want at least one less diaper to buy.

Good luck!



answers from Pensacola on

I dont have twins but I do have a 3 year old little boy and we have just been doing it on an off since he was 18 months old. We first gave him the little potty to just play around with and sit on, then once he got interested around 2 yrs we started to sit him on the potty backwards...they like to be able to see whats going on haha. Right before a bath we would put him in the bath tub and start the water and that would make him have to pee so once he started we would move him to the potty really fast and then just keep encouraging him to keep going then reward him if went. Then just went to starting on the potty and running water at the same time, helped him to have to go. Hes almost 3 now and I would say he is about half way there, he pees and poops on the potty when you ask him to....but a lot of it has to do with me being a full time student and not having the time to potty train him. A lot of my friends said their kids werent potty trained till around 3-31/2 years old. The best advice I can give you though that was given to me over and over again is to not push them into, they will only do it when they are ready. I hope some of that helps, good luck!



answers from McAllen on

Hello J.,

I also have 23 month old twin boys. And about 5 months ago's the youngest (8 mins apart) seemed to be ready for potty training but then he quickly lost intrest. I have heard that boys are a little harder to train then girls I also have two girls and they were pretty easy. I did try using the pull ups with the girls but they didnt work as well as I thought they would, what did work for us was using underwear they didnt like feeling of being wet. So I suppose that I will try it this way again with the boys in when they show more intrest.
Good Luck to you all.



answers from Corpus Christi on

I dont have twins but I have 1 20 month old and lately we have just been going pretty randomly. I'm not pushing it or anything and he seems to be picking it up. He'll grab his diaper and say potty...and I'll say ok hurry hurry lets go and run to the potty and he has gone many times already.

I had no idea how to start and everyones advice seemed to not help me at all. But for me just starting slowly and putting him there every now and then and then when he tells me we just go - but if he says no then I dont make him...seems to be working.

Hopefully that helps.

J. S

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