Potty Training Twins - San Leandro,CA

Updated on January 14, 2008
R.A. asks from San Leandro, CA
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I'm a single parent with 22 month old twins girls and a 10 year daughter. I need some major help with potty training. It was so easy with my 10 year old, but the the twins are quite a challenge. Can anyone help me? Are there any other moms with multiples who can give me any adivce? How should I approach this ?

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answers from San Francisco on

I do not have twins and my daughter is my first child. She just turned 2 and is not yet fully potty trained. However, when we are at home, I allow her to run around naked. She goes and uses her potty which I've moved to be near her play area so she doesn't have to go too far. And she uses it regularly. She can't unsnap her pants nor pull them off by herself, and since we don't have any of those crotchless pants Asian countries use, we've just gone with the naked girl routine.

We use a cloth diaper service, so since when she was 3 months old, I became aware of when she needed to go. And we often timed it so that every hour, we took her to the potty to let her pee. So she understood the concept from early on. But lack the motor skills to do it by herself until now.

I would say make the time and effort to try to time when they need to go and encourage them to go. The first three times, we did the naked girl routine, she had a few drops that hit the floor before she headed to the potty, but she learned pretty quick. So just applaud them when they display any indication of wanting to potty and give them time. Every child grows at their own rate.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hello, I have twin daughters (now 5). They were trained by 30 mos. It was hard, but worked so long as I didn't force it. One wanted to try for many mos, the other never did. But, they were both fully trained (including nighttime) with 3-4 weeks of each other. I always offered the choice to both at the same time, but usually only one wanted to try. I also got a lot of help from their preschool/ daycare center.

Have you tried searching for a local twin club for support? They are a great resource for parents of multiples. www.nomotc.org is the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs and you can locate clubs near you. Or try http://ncamotc.homestead.com, the Northern California umbrella organization for twins clubs.
good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

Hello R.! I have raised two children now 21 yrs and 26 yrs old. Having twins is of course twice as busy! I had my daughter potty trained at 9 mos!! If they are old enough to talk and walk, they can be potty trained! Also, you have to take them with you when you go and have their toilets right in the bathroom with you if possible. Make it fun!!! Like a game! Say. Lets Go Potty!! Yeah! Mommy is goin potty so we all need to go potty. Its Potty Time! Your older daughter can and should also help with her siblings. Maybe she could take one of the girls with her to the potty occasionally. I know this will work with consistent training!!



answers from San Luis Obispo on

Dear R.,

Well, for one thing, maybe you have already of this, - you have a wonderful helper right there at your side - your 10 year old daughter. I was 10 when my baby brother was born, and know how that works. I really loved helping with him, and those were the days of washing diapers and hanging them on the line to dry !! It really helped that he was so cute.

You could also try to treat the girls as singles in the potty training situation. And, buy one of those potty chairs for when they decide to go at the same time. I really don't know anything special to tell you. But I will say that you are a total hero to me - raising 3 daughters all alone and working full time. I hope that your family lives in the same town that you do, and that you rest when you get the chance.
Sincerely, C. N.



answers from Sacramento on

i have 19 month old twin girls. i have started to introduce the idea. they come in with me when i go potty and i tell them, "mommy is a big girl. mommy goes pee pee in the potty." they also have a couple of books about the potty and a potty of their own in the bathroom. mine are no where near ready, but we are starting. are your asking about it already? i was curious because i'll be doing this soon!

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