Potty Training Twin Boys

Updated on July 26, 2007
L.M. asks from Corpus Christi, TX
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I am a single mother of twins and my boys right now are 2 1/2 yrs. old. I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas in what I might do to get them interested in sitting in there potty. I have tried the Cheerios method that some of you might know of but it didn't work for me. I have tried putting pull ups and even bought them their favorite character undies and bought potty videos and have had no luck. They tell me when they have already done the potty in their pamper. There's no males in my home but when I go over to visit my brothers I ask them to take my boys with them to the potty so they can see a male but they begin crying and don't want to go in. Am I just pushing it and need to let them tell me when they are ready? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. Thanks a bunch....


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answers from Odessa on

I agree with Debra on this. I know a few people who have waited until there sons were 3 to even try. Good luck. And keep calm.



answers from San Antonio on

You might be pushing it. Average age for girls to potty train is 2 and the age for boys is 4. When they are ready it will be stress free. Just look for the signs! and let them lead.



answers from San Antonio on

I have twins (two sets) as well. My first set (b/g)are nearly three in a month and have ALMOST got it down. For boys, 2 1/2 might be too early, especially if there aren't any males around to set an example. I wouldn't push the issue at all for a few weeks and then introduce it back. I found that I was most successful when I let my boy run around without any underwear or diapers on. . .but as soon as I put them on he would go in those (and still does when his pull-up is on.

Also, ignore those people (usually they were potty training only one) who said they did it in a day! For us, this process has taken three messy months! I'd console myself by saying, everyone is potty trained by the time they get to college!

Good Luck!



answers from San Antonio on

Hi, L., I'm Juli and am raising my three children, ages 7mos, 23mos and 5yrs, on my own. My soon-to-be ex visits twice a week but that does nothing to help me. lol I know how you feel. Anyhoo, I have learned to wait for the kids to tell me when they are ready. My son is almost two and is really not at all interested in getting out of his diapers. He tells me when he has pooped and has peed on the potty a couple of times. I wait for him to tell me, and I do ask him, also. I push it before and after showers and that is generally when he is interested, probably cause he runs around naked for a while. I'm sure this doesn't help too much, but just let them know what a potty is, what it is for and tell them to tell you when they have to go. I think it gets them to listen to their bodies a little more. If you want to talk or anything just holler at me.



answers from Abilene on

I tried all of the techniques that you are trying with your boys and had no luck. Here is the secret to potty training that I used with my kids. Get them each a potty and a calander a piece and some cute stickers that they will like. Get some suckers (or whatever candy that they love the most and hang them up beside the the calanders. Write down every time they go to the bathroom in their diapers and the time of day it is. Then use that the next day and sit them on the diaper a few minutes before they went in their diapers the day before. Tell them that if they pee-pee in the toilet they get to pick out 2 stickers to put on their calander and they get a sucker if they poo. That will give them some incentive to try and go the bathroom in the toilet. The main thing you need to know is to be very consistent. Take them to the toilet as many times as they go in their diaper and always praise them for sitting on the toilet and for using the toilet. As soon as you start this you need to put them in underwear. Ofcourse, they are going to go on themselves quite a few times before they get that they are supposed to go in the toilet, and, believe me, after peeing and pooping on themselves a few times they are going to want to go to the toilet. It only took my first child 3 days to figure out that she did not like pee running down her leg and she was all for the toilet. Well, Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

2.5 can be early for boys. My son refused to train until he was almost 3.5. What helped with him was that we put him into a childcare center, where all the kids around him were either learning to use the potty or were already trained. The "peer pressure" aspect can work wonders. Untimately though, patience is definitely the virtue in this case. Don't force them to go to the potty (with you or your brothers) if they don't want to go. Just give them the opportunity. Then on a regular basis (every hr for instance) make a trip to the potty with them to try. If they didn't make it in time or they don't have to go. Praise them for trying and move on to the next designated "try" time. Also, remember that they do not have to go potty standing up right now. If you can get them to potty while sitting, let them sit. When they get a little older they will learn the standing routing. I hope everything goes well/quickly, but always remember that they will do it in their own time.



answers from San Antonio on

I used underwear with the padding at JCpenny. Yes it was messy at times but it made him aware of when he was going. Then I would take him to his potty chair but I would never force him. I forced him before but it didn't help. I also make a chart with stars and he would get a hotwheels car when he got three stars. He loves hotwheel cars. I hope this helps. Good luck!!!

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