Potty Training Treats and Rewards

Updated on October 04, 2018
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
11 answers

Any ideas on what might work for my little boy? He doesn’t care for lollipops, m&ms or stickers. Thanks in advance.
F. B.

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answers from New York on

Never used rewards. If they are ready, It takes a day or two. If you need to bribe, chances are they just are not ready. Time and patience.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, you know your kid. What does he like? One of mine, even at that age, loved to play on the Wii. I would let him play 1 game on the Wii as a reward. The other of mine simply wanted praise, hugs, and assurances that he was definitely becoming a big boy.

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answers from San Diego on

His “Reward” is not peeing or pooping in his pants. My kids both potty trained in 1 week at preschool which did not allow pull-ups...I had to bring tons of clothes but kids learned quick!!!

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answers from Boston on

What signs has he given you that he is interested in and ready for the potty? You can't train a child, really. You can reward them for spending time on the toilet or potty seat, but that's all. My kid was well past 4 when he was ready. Maybe you've put an arbitrary timeline on this? Just because your older one trained at a specific age doesn't mean that the little one will. I know it's frustrating but you really cannot put this any more than you can bring in teeth or get them to walk at a particular age.

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answers from Portland on

I never did them other than first day or so (m&m's).
I always kept the potties (2) close by the kiddos - one one each floor, so they had incentive to use them. If they were kept in the toilet area, they weren't inclined to stop what they were doing to go try. I had them in undies (no pants) and within a week, they got the gist of it. Combined with the daycare practice, they figured it out.
I just sat nearby to where they were playing and noticed if they were fidgeting and had to go. We just let them use the potties (on washable floors) near to the play areas - that was the 'incentive' - that they didn't have to leave the fun.
Once they got good at going, within a week, then they could run off to the washroom quickly, and come back to play.
We just said "yay!" and that was enough for our kids.
Some people are grossed out that we had potties in our kitchen on the floor in our play area, etc. but it worked very quickly. My kids all had maybe one accident each (pee) and they put it together. By week two, I'd say "hurry so you can get back to play!" and that was the incentive to go pee, wash up, and run back to play with siblings and join in the fun. I think the daycare did something similar.

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answers from Charlottesville on

HotWheels cars!

Although my son did not need a reward to train #1, he did #2 (he did not attend daycare so I trained him at home). He was in underware as he was trained #1, but I got tired of cleaning #2 out of the underware. HotWheels worked (and they are only about $1 - it was worth it to me for about $15 to get him #2 trained as well). I would put the unopened car on the back of the toilet so he could see it (he was the type of child who would not touch it until he earned it) and voila - in a couple weeks, he was trained #2.....then I had to phase the HotWheels out (a final car selection of his choice at the store).

I do agree that they need to be ready first. Both my boys were between 3.5 to 4 years when they potty trained.

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answers from New York on

I did the potty in the play space. No rewards.
A childcare center I worked at used smarties, starburst, Hershey kisses, skittles and runts. They let each child choose knowing what one likes another does not.
My cousin used dollar tree trinkets (like the ones that come a few to a pack for party favors) she had a bucket of them in the bathroom and they got to pick the toy, fiddle with it while sitting on the potty and if they went potty they got to keep the toy. If they didn't go potty it got left for the next attempt.( Since they were so cheap she would toss them away when broken or no longer used)

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answers from Dallas on

So I'm also jumping on the bandwagon of he's not ready. If you have to use rewards and you've tried all the ones you listed and it isn't working....maybe he just isn't ready. How old? I feel like maybe he's still young. I know people had success at potty training at 2 but I waited with both my kids until right after they turned 3 and they were both trained, day and night, in two days. All the studies show that all kids are developmentally ready after 3.

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answers from Washington DC on

well, i mean, what DOES he like? you'd know best.

i don't remember using any sort of rewards for potty training, though, other than praise.


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answers from Fort Myers on

Have you tried pennies? I use pennies as motivation to help my son study. He loves filling up his piggy bank.

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answers from Miami on

Wait another 3 to 6 months, depending on how old he is. He's probably not ready.

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