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Updated on October 28, 2008
S. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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I have decided to start potty training my 21 month old son. I really don't know how to even begin this and how long it's going to take. He is interested in the whole potty thing and seems to be ready for this. He has a potty chair that he will sit on once and a while for the last couple of weeks... but I'd really like to really start this potty training thing! So done with diapers! Anyway, any tips, tricks or advice on the subject would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks Ladies :)

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answers from Springfield on

Hi S., I have two boys 6 and the youngest is 3. mine were both trained at about the same age alittle over two years old about 26 months i'd say. I did it the same way with both. when they started staying dry through the night, it was time. I took one whole weekend dedicated to just potty training. first thing in the morning drinking juice (it goes through them so much faster =) then 5-10 min after drank sit on the the potty for about 10-15 min. I'd say they went in the potty 90% of the time after. just kept it up after everything they drank. then of course you applayed and praise. YA! BIG BOY! =) I would make a suggestion... if you have seen those potty seats that sit on top of the comode seats i would invest in. I just think that it's harder transfer for kids who learn on potty chairs to go to the big potty. why not get it out of the way now?? If you get them alittle step stool to get up on then they feel like they are really being a big boy!! It only took a weekend for both my boys too learn and even my oldest has yet to have and accident he is 6 now. but, all kids are different. GOOD LUCK


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answers from Kansas City on

My son was basically potty-trained at 21-23 months, and it was (1) interest and (2) convenience that really worked. We let him run around with no pants, and we made sure there was a potty chair near him (so one in the kitchen when he was on the main floor, and one in the bathroom when we were upstairs). He would sit on it frequently, whether or not he needed to go, and he got pretty good at figuring out when he needed to go.

I made one big mistake, though--I used pull-ups for my convenience, and he got lazy, too. I think he figured that if he wore "diapers" (even though we didn't call them that), that he didn't have to hold anything! It took us a year to complete the potty training, and I think it was my fault for using pull-ups instead of just dealing with the mess. I think with the new baby, when it's time, I may still use pull-ups for long car trips, but the rest of the time, I'm just taking lots of clothing & wipes! :-)

Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

S., be ready for the fascination with potties everywhere you go. I think we hit every restroom between here and CA. There is a time during the process when they say they have to go and you jump to take them. They get used to it and you find yourself using every restroom in every grocery store and department store. After the newness wears off, it gets better, it is worth it.

I would also suggest a simple trick if you dont know it already. If you do find yourself in a public restroom, if all he has to do is go pee. Let him stand on the seat facing the back of the toilet. He will not have to touch anything and you can hold him there without him falling in. It works very well.

I do have a funny story. We just returned from a trip. I found myself in a restroom, and as with most womens restrooms there is a lot of training that goes on. There are conversations that take place daily between moms and their little ones. Some moms choose to use anatomically correct language and others opt for terms a little on the cuter side. While in the restroom on this trip I heard a little boy tell his mother he would hold his own bat. She asked him who told him it was a bat and he said that daddy had told him. Well she corrected him only to have the conversation carry out into the store. The little boy proceeded to announce to his daddy that mommy said it was not a bat and explained very nicely exactly what mommy called it. Needless to say everyone tried very hard not to laugh, he was so serious and so cute. I just had to share that. Along with potty training comes all kinds of experiences for moms and dads. Have fun, be patient, and good bye diapers!!!

Good luck!!



answers from St. Louis on

With my two daughters we went and picked out underwear at the store together and I told them that now they are big girls and no longer need to wear diapers. My oldest was very excited to start wearing her big girl underwear and I put them on her one morning and told her that now when she feels the pee and poop coming she needs to go to her potty chair. Well, for about 3 days she never "got it right" It was just one accident after another and I realized that she just wasn't ready yet. We just stopped and waited a couple of months to try again.
My second daughter was ready a little earlier and when she started wearing her underwear she had a few accidents the first morning but by the afternoon she was getting it and would tell me when she had to go. She had occasional accidents for about a week but after that she had it all figured out.
I recommend not using pull-ups and going straight to underwear. I think they learn faster because being wet is very uncomfortable.
Good luck and have fun learning where the bathroom is everywhere you go!



answers from Kansas City on

My 23 month daughter is working on potty training. I started last month and we are going good. I'm lucky, my babysitter helps me alot, since I am in school 4 days a week. Her request for me was to start on a weekend and introduce her to it. I took her every 15 minutes after she drank 1/2 of her sippy cup. I bought the gerber padded underwear. They absorb most of the wettnes but still give them that feeling of being wet (and save having wet spots on the carpet). I do use pull ups at night because she has an accident occasionally. I also bought a fold up potty seat to take with us when we are out and about so she doesn't feel like she will fall in.
Good luck.!

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