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Updated on January 10, 2008
C.M. asks from Denham Springs, LA
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Hi. My daughter will be 3 in April. We have been working on training her for a week now. She has been doing good sitting and going on potty. She has been having accidents but I know that is to be expected. She seems to do well with big girl panties instead of a pullup. Today her pullup was wet when she got up and she did not wet again until she laid down for her nap at 1:00 when I put her pullup on. I tried many times and she was holding it. She screamed, kicked and danced all around. She has not been doing this. She also did it once more this afternoon but eventually went on the potty. My mom seems to think it is her just being stubborn and not wanting to sit on potty. I know she is ready and that she can do it. She has proven to me she can go on the potty. I do not like her holding it like that. I tried training her in Nov. and she kept holding it and it caused her to get 2 UTI back to back. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thanks.

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answers from Birmingham on

I agree with Kay, No pull ups!! My son (who will be 3 in April also) is virtually potty trained as long as he does not have pull ups on. He wears pullups at school, and almost never goes to the potty while he's there. When he's home, he wears his big boy undies and RARELY has an accident. I understand you pain. It's a long hard road!!

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answers from Jackson on

Don't put pullups on her. Yes it will take a little more of your time. Get a rubber sheet to go on the bed that she naps on. When she wets change it. She is depending on pullups so take them away. She will hold for a day or so but it will stop. If you had started when she was one or 18 months and never go back and forth from panties to pullups you would be ahead of the game. I fully believe in starting early. and always be constant. If you go back and forth now what are you going to do when she gets older and it means more than a wet place on the floor. It is very important.



answers from Memphis on

Let her run naked when you are at home. Keep the house a little warmer during the winter, but it works. My nephew ran naked for 5 days and was potty trained from there on out. He was out in the country so they let him play outside naked to. (it was summer) When she goes and doesn't have anything to catch it she realizes that the relief of going feels good, it doesn't hurt, and she doesn't want to feel it on her legs again. Then with your gentle encouragement to go in the bathroom she will eventually "get it". Just remember to make it a positive experience, and make a big deal of it when she goes to the potty the right way. Kids potty train when they are ready.



answers from Memphis on

Have you tried to "force fluids" with her? My son guzzles juice whenever I give it to him (so I try to give him mostly water). If she has a favorite beverage, you could give her lots and lots of it, so that she has to go. And reward her for going.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

Offer prizes for when she goes. Positive reinforcement. We use stickers charts with my twins. They are daytime trained but we're working on overnight training. Every time they went they got a sticker one sticker for tee-tee two stickers for poopies.

When they got 10 stickers, they got to pick something out of the "treasure box", which was a plain metal lunch box that the kids decorated with glittery stickers and has small toys, stickers, and candy inside.



answers from Little Rock on

Have you tried a "potty chart". If she's potties on the potty or is dry and potties, then place a sticker on a chart (do web search for cool ones, I used one with Thomas the Train!). When she gets enough stickers, she gets a prize. It could be something simple like an inexpensive toy, treat, or even a "date" with Mom or Dad.

Good luck.



answers from Knoxville on

I would NOT worry about it, as my granddaughter did the same thing when she was 3. But during the year before turning 4, she stopped wetting, & wore the pretty little pastel, flower panties I bought for her.

What is Microcephaly? Never heard of it, as I know of. I use to work in a Special Needs School.



answers from Baton Rouge on

Hey C.,
My sister had the same problem wit her little girl being stubborn. Some parents don't like to do this but it works, bribe her. My sister went to the dollar tree store and bought about ten little gifts, wrapped them, and then when Maddi went to the potti she was rewarded. Also, take something away when she doesn't go and you know she needs to. It's never to early to let them know you mean business. As far as her wetting herself at night or at bedtime....Does she drink or eat any dairy products before she goes to sleep. My mother-in-law told me to stop giving my son milk before bed, instead water. This was something she was told when my husband was a child. I tried, as did she, and it worked. No more accidents at night. Good Luck!




answers from Jackson on


I know this can be frustrating but hang in there. I started taking my 2 year old to the potty right after she turned two with no pressure just to get her used to the idea. At about 2 1/2 I got more serious with her about it but she still had accidents until I took her completly out of the pull-ups. This was true with naps and night time too. She wet the bed about 3 times after I took her out of pullups at night and she hasn't done it since. She was completely potty-trained within about three or four weeks of taking her out of the pull-ups. This could be her problem. The pull-up gives her the ok to wet without using the potty. All children are different though I know because my son was never able to wake himself during the night and still had rare accidents until he was about 5. Good luck




answers from Hattiesburg on

Have you tried rewarding her for going to the potty? My son started doing really well on the potty when I got the training seat that goes on top of the potty that has Elmo and stuff on it. Maybe you could find her one with her favorite character on it and come up with some kind of reward system for her.



answers from New Orleans on

Thankfully I did not have any trouble potty training any of my three children, but I have several friends who did. One of my friends tried something the others never had and it worked wonders. She would put Cheerios or Fruit Loops in the toilet for her son to try to "sink." He thought it was halarious and was using the potty faithfully in no time. Hope everything works out for you. Good luck!



answers from Jackson on

I have potty trained 3 of my 4 kids and this is the trick that worked: I kept a glass jar on my counter that has m&ms in it, and when they go #1 they get 1 m&m, and when they go #2 they get 3. I only use it for a couple of weeks.

I have also used long-term rewards(no kicking or screaming, and at the end of the day she gets______), and you could do a end-of-the-week reward for each day that has no fighting back, too.

Good luck, potty training is hard!



answers from Johnson City on

Hello C.,

My advice would be stop using pull ups just do the extra laundry and her sheets put a plastic sheet down. Pull ups seemed to confuse my children. My oldest never used them and trained quick. My middle son, i thought how nice it would be not to have soooo much laundry. it took two years to train him fully and it only happened after i got rid of the pull ups. Our youngest only ever had one accident. He never used pullups. They seem on the surface like a great idea but i found it easier to do with out them. Our middle son after so much trial and error, needed us to stop using pullups and i got him a watch with an alarm i set it everytime he went to the bathroom for his next trip. He only got to keep wearing it if he went to the bathroom as soom as it went off. worked like a charm. once we did both of those things.

Just hang in there. This too shall pass.
Good luck M.

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