Potty Training - Looking for Toliet Recommendations

Updated on May 18, 2009
D.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm looking to put out the potties for my daughter, as recommended by her ped. Seems like the bjorn potties are the most popular but I'm looking for recommendations/tips. Also, if there are any potty training books that are better than others, would welcome that recommendation too. I'm sure this is a common question so I apologize for any duplications. Thanks in advance, mamas.

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With all my children we always just bought one of those flat seats that fit right on top of the adult potty. This way the child can go where everyone else goes and wasn't doing anything different. They have them all different kind of character designs, too.

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Bjorn are teh best, Iused them and are most versatile to fit any potty.

Get going.




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I do daycare and have lots of little butts sitting on potties. I had to get a new potty cause my old ones weren't um, large enough for the butts and weren't keeping little boys from spraying the floor.

I got a Dora potty and have to say I really like it a lot.

Plus my neighbor had to borrow it so her boy would use the potty - apparently Dora is magical.



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We just started training. We purchased the Primo 4 in 1 potty chair for our upstairs bathroom. It is really nice because the seat is a little cushy, but cleans easy. It comes off, which is a plus because when he is ready to go on the big potty it fits and is comfortable. Good for traveling with too. The chair will also double as a step stool for getting on the big potty as well as when washing hands!

We also puchased a fisher price froggy potty for our main floor (no bathroom on our main floor) so he has a place to go quickly. I like the simplicity of this design and it is really easy to clean. Only 2 parts. and it is cute and inviting for our son. Him saying "froggy potty" was the start to our potty training adventure. It is also inexpensive-another plus.

So far, the froggy potty has gotten 2 #2s and the Primo only 1 #1. A work in progress. He is only slightly interested and not even 2 yrs old yet. We will likely try some other approaches when it gets a little warmer outside.

Good Luck!!



answers from Peoria on

I would honestly let the child pick the potty. I looked at expensive and doctor recommended potty chairs but when it came down to buy one, my daughter saw the "Dora" potty chair and that's what she wanted. I feel she wanted to use it even more because she picked it out. There really isn't much science to a potty chair, just let them get one they will be excited about! It made her feel like she was part of the decision and we never really had any difficulty with potty training. Obviously not all kids are that easy to potty train (my son for example!). Good luck!



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I highly recommend Safety 1st seat that spoons your own toilet lid. Here's a website to check out: http://kidsstuff.stores.yahoo.net/b151-trainer.html

I purchased mine at Meijers, but Meijers no longer sells them.

The reasons I love it is because you don't have the clutter, it's easy for both kids and adults to use (the adults simply lift the kid seat up when they have to use it). It's the perfect size for kids.

We also use a step stool (purchased at IKEA) so that the kids can easy hop on the toliet.

If you go with a stand alone potty chair, you will have a mess to clean up and then will have to retrain your daughter to use the toilet, so why not just train her to go on the toilet the first time around?

It was also suggested I let my daughter watch "It's Potty Time". That didn't work at all, in fact, that video is very old and very annoying.

We ended up using mini M&Ms as an award. Each time she went potty, we'd give her 2 M&Ms.

You will also have to tell her it's time to go every 1/2 hour. Otherwise she'll have lots of accidents.

Give her time and make a huge deal when she does go. You can also try stickers if she's not into M&Ms. Oh yeah and one last tip, place her on the toilet the second she wakes up. We also have bathroom books for the kids (that seemed to help too). Target has a 2 step step-stool with a hide-away compartment where we placed small board books. Both my kids got to pick which books they wanted when they were on the pot.



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Hi Debbie:

There are loads of good potty books, I am sure. My tip for you is to check out your local library. That is what we did and the books they had did the trick. If your daughter is ready, it will happen super quick. So, buying books didn't make a lot of sense to me.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

While I had my daughter sit on a little potty when she was just starting to get interested in potty training, for actual potty training, I'd recommend getting one of those that fit into your toilet - that way, she learns to use the big toilet and you don't have to transition her. One Step Ahead sells a great one that is attached to the regular seat and fits into the toilet lid. My daughter just has to hop up on her step stool and go like a "big girl." Best of luck!



answers from Peoria on

When we bought one we didn't go for expensive... it's only a potty chair. We got one that looked like it had a pretty comfy seat. In the end our oldest only used it for a month or so. The chair we got also had it so that the seat part would attach to the big potty, so after about the first month we used the seat on the big potty which helped because then she wasn't afraid to use the big potty at someone else's house or a store where we didn't have her little potty chair. With our youngest we have just started setting him on the little potty to get him used to a potty.



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I don't have a firm opinion on which pottychair, but we liked the small toilet because their feet touch the ground and they aren't worried about falling off/in the big toilet when they are first starting out. Ours had a removable "seat" that also fit on the big potty. We also bought a separate "seat" for our upstairs bathroom toilet in the kids' bathroom.

We bring our pottychair outside in the summertime to go on our deck. We also bring it camping. Our kids love having their own pottychair to use. (It's a lot better than using port-o-potties when traveling too!)

Our "potty training method" was simply - bikini bottoms or underwear or simple elastic shorts outside in the summertime. We put the pottychair on the deck and they "went" whenever they needed to. If there was an accident, we just hosed them off and washed off the deck. They quickly figure out that peeing down their leg feels icky and don't want to do that again. It was very "freeing" for us too - no major messes to clean up and no hourly trips to a pottychair waiting for something to come out. When we were indoors, we used either cotton "training pants" or pull ups at night.

For pooping inside, we kept some small "baby books" near the pottyseat for them to "read" while they tried to get the poop out. We'd swap them out every so often to keep it interesting. This process can sometimes be frustrating as it takes some practice to poop while sitting - they need to figure out how to consciously "make" the poop come out.

So there's my 2 cents. I hope that helps you.

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