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Updated on June 16, 2007
N.G. asks from Battle Creek, MI
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I successfully potty trained my daughter when she was two! but my now three year old son is NOT getting it...HELP!! i dont know what else to do? i've tried the reward system, candy stickers, etc...i've tried the Dr. Phil "every seven minute" method, i've tried pull ups, no pull ups...i've tried it all! and i dont know what else to do? he goes when i put him on, but he also just goes when he feels like it in his pull up/diaper/underwear...i'd like some new advice if anyone can help!

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answers from Detroit on

try making it fun by putting cheerios in the toilet for target practice it worked for my nephew (and for girls do food coloring so it will change colors when they pee) just some ideas



answers from Lansing on

I just started potty training my 2 1/2 year old son. I got some good advice that seemed to really help us. A lady told me that when he goes pee in his underwear tell him that is not okay, ask him where we go pee pee, then have him walk to the toilet, pull down his pants, sit on the potty, then ask him again where we go pee. Then have him pull up his pants, walk him back to the place where he peed his pants and do the whole thing 3 times for pee and 5 for poop. Also, if he poops his pants and it comes out of his underpants, make him clean it up with toilet paper(supervised of course) And wash his hands really well after. (your supposed to do it with no emotion as well)

I also made him a potty chart and he picked out the stickers, we did trains for pee and airplanes when he went poop on the potty, that way he, as well as me, can see his progress. Also only allow diapers during naps and bedtime.

This has really worked well for my son, and with in a day he started to go on the potty. He hans't quite got to the point that he'll tell us yet, but we haven't had an accident in a couple days.

Good Luck



answers from Kalamazoo on

When I potty trained my son I tried all of your methods too!! Fustrating!! My son knew to go and told me, but would not go in the toilet so the last resort was to take him out of pull ups and put him in those thick potty training underwear and rip up all my rugs and just let him go. He hates to be wet so that worked in my favor plus he can't stand disapointment and on top of that I had him watch daddy go potty and that was the problem he wanted to stand up (not use the baby potty) so we went to Toys r us and got a new toilet Deigo seat and a step stool so he could reach the big boy toilet threw in some cherrios and the rest is history. He loved making it into a game and aim for the cherrios that really helped. Good luck!



answers from Kalamazoo on

I know with both of my boys rewards didnt work at all!!! I put a dish of fruit loops on the back of the toilet, they could put 3 or4 (no more or u will have the whole dish in there)... little guys think its cool to aim and hit the fruit loops.. cheap easy..... and rid of the pull ups they are a diaper....
Good luck,



answers from Detroit on

I potty trained my daughter using the book "Potty train your child in just one day" by Teri Crane. The whole thing is based on having a potty party and it was FUN!!! We had a ball and spent the whole day together just she and I playing and watching potty movies and reading books and drinking a ton! She got tons of rewards for trying and going on the potty and we bascially made a game of the whole thing. She's got some great tips in the book for party themes and prizes, etc. My daughter was not totally trained in one day, that's not really the point. But she graduated to big girl underwear and only pull-ups at nap and bedtime. It really worked great for us and I would recommend the book to anyone! Good luck!



answers from Jackson on

The average age for a boy to potty train is 3yrs 5months old. He may just not be ready yet.

Take a break and revisit the issue in a month or so.

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