Potty Training Guides?

Updated on October 21, 2009
J.S. asks from Leesburg, VA
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Hi Moms,
My daughter is 17 months old and we are starting to think about potty training. She points to her diaper every time she goes right now so I think she might be ready. The problem is I have no idea how to potty train. Can anyone recommend a good book or guide for potty training? Thanks!

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answers from Washington DC on

As far as books, there was this little guide I got inside when I purchased my son's potty which was very helpful - it's from Johnson's (you know the same ones who have the baby powder) - it's called Johnson's Everyday Babycare Potty Training - it has all kinds of tips for almost every aspect of the potty training process. You can check this link http://cn.dk.com/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9780756605674,00....

also, check out www.pullups.com - they have stories from parents, tips, videos (even a free DVD that they can send to you) and it takes you through each phase of potty training. There's even charts to personalize & print out for if rewards become a part of the process!

In my opinion, knowing the signs of readyness is most important...as well as having LOTS of patience through it all.

I was quite frustrated at a time & stated how I didn't think my son would ever be potty trained. Then I received one of the funniest lines I've heard from another parent about potty training - she said "unless the person has special needs, have you ever seen a grown man or woman that didn't know how to pee or poop?"

So...with that...Good Luck! It'll all happen as it's supposed to!



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You could start by having a potty in the room so that she knows what it is for and get's used to the idea of it , let her sit on it all she wants to get used to it. How is her speech right now? If not very good yet this could make potty training a little harder , there is a difference to them knowing that they have been and when they actually need to go. But the fact that she recognises that she has been is a good start. You could try sitting her on the potty every hour and see if she manages to go. None of my kids were ready until they were around 2 1/2 so they were able to communicate more and understood what I was asking. sorry this is the best I have as not trained a child this young!

Good luck




answers from Washington DC on

it simple

this potty training thing is all about potty training both the adult and the kid.

this is how i did it.

take the nappy off and just spend a long weekend at home.

dont put the nappy back on at all use pullups for nap time and bed time.
once you start dont go back causes more problems in the long run.

10 mins after she drinks you put her on the toilet.

take her shopping let her choose the nickers that she wants and get atleast 2 weeks supply (a bucket with a lid and some oxyclean, fill the bucket up with water and oxyclean and leave it in your down stairs bathroom) that way if you have an accident you just take it off and throw it in the bucket untill you are ready to wash it.

now just keep asking her to go toilet after and before dinner, 5mins before you leave the house make her go and then when you get to where ever you need to go.

also tell her that when you are out and about shopping that she needs to tell you in enough time to get her to a toilet.

you kneed to know where every toilet is in what ever building you go to.

you should take her toilet everytime you go.

dont pay her to pee you dont get paid for going pee. just give her a lot of praise in the beginning.

also dont bother with a potty just get a toilet seat ring that way you dont need to clean and dump every time

it gets grose after a while,

you are being potty trained all over again.

if you think she needs to go then take her. if she needs to go then take her.

you just have to be brave and say no more diapers you are a big girl now

hope this helps

it all worked for me



answers from Washington DC on

my daughter potty trained at 17 months as well, she practically forced me into it.:-) She wanted to be like big brother. Be patient,she would think that she had to go and just sit happily on her bjorn potty for 20 minutes doing nothing but talking to mommy, I would tell her that we were going to get off and suddenly she would go...so I brought in something to read with me and just sat with her, she was happy to chat and look at her picture book until she went. Her timing got better as we progressed. I agree that you should get a ring(a portable one too bc public restrooms and 18 month old little girls-yuck)I held her hands for balance when we were out bc I didn't want her holding the rim for balance. Take her potty anytime she says so and at specific times: before and after sleep, bath time-the warm water always made my daughter have to go so a minute after she got in, she would be out on the potty-after a meal, before you go out. Let her go naked as much as you can, it worked really well for both my kids. But honestly, at 2.5 my son took 1 week to potty train day/night. It took almost 2 months with my daughter..not because of accidents, but because of actually knowing when was the right time to get on the potty without sitting forever. I found patience and perseverance to be my challenges-esp at bedtime. stick with her, I was so happy when I did not need to worry about diapers anymore!

Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

I bought the "Potty Training for Dummiess" and it was a good start because I was clueless. But the way I actually trained my daughter came mostly from other Moms. They are a great resource for how to actually do it.

You neeed to keep in mind that when kids show an interest in their bodies and the potty and when they are actually able to do it are very different. My daughter showed an interest and even some periods of dryness at 18 months. But she didn't potty train until 2 years 11 months. But when she did she was accident free and night trained within two weeks!!

I know lots of parents who get very excited with potty chairs and sticker charts and underwear at age 2 only to find it doesn't stick until much closer to 3. I don't want to discourage you, but just want to make sure you are realistic. It is great to encourage her, but it may not work for a while. Potty training is very intense and stressful for YOU. You definately want to wait until she is fully onboard and cooperative!!

What worked for us is the naked weekend approach. Basically plan on 2-3 days solid at home. Take off her bottoms, give her juice, and take her to the potty every 30 minutes. Pull-ups at night. Day 2, underwear. After a day, she should "get it" and after 2-3 days she should have pretty good control. Then you can focus on night training.

Good luck!!!!



answers from Washington DC on

If she can speak as clearly at 17 months as my son could now would be a great time to start. What we did to introduce him to the potty was to just buy the potty seat and let him sit on it whenever he wanted. Then we started putting him on it while watching a show and drinking some water or milk. If he went while on the potty we celebrated it BIG TIME! Dancing and singing and calling grandparents. :) The excitement didn't really last long and he lost interest so we didn't push it.

When we felt he was really ready we bought regular underwear and let him know that big boys wear it. We put a shower curtain down on the floor in our living room, put the potty seat in the middle of the shower curtain and a stack of underwear close by. When he'd wet in the underwear I'd tell him that he should sit on the potty. By about 6 changes he finally got the picture. It wasn't long (not quite that day, but within a couple weeks) that he could sense and communicate that he had to go. When it got to him being too lazy to go so he'd go in his pants (we could tell the difference between genuine accidents and him just not feeling like leaving what he was doing) he had to do all the work to clean up (change his clothes, put the dirties in the laundry room, etc.).

Good luck! Just remember that every kid is different and her timing and ability to control her body will be her own. If you make it a fun experience and not a stressful one you're more likely to get the result you're looking for.



answers from Washington DC on

I just wanted to echo the "Diaper Free Before Three" recommendation. And having a potty around for her to use easily. I love the Baby Bjorn potty! Make sure to get the big one, as the smaller one is tougher to clean up.

And most importantly, make it a pleasant experience for her :D

Good luck!!



answers from Washington DC on

Read "Diaper Free Before Three"--it's a great source for early potty learning.



answers from Washington DC on

I trained my son to use the potty at 18 months and I used an e-book called Potty Training in Three Days. I followed the instructions over a 3-day weekend and he's been trained ever since. Of course they still have accidents but he understood that he had to use the potty now.

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