Potty Training Boy

Updated on November 16, 2007
K.S. asks from Tucson, AZ
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I am trying to potty train my son and it has bee ok. He can tell me when he is ready to go pee on the potty. But when it comes to doing the other he still wont do it. He wont even try. Does anyone have any advice on potty training boys?

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answers from Albuquerque on

It takes a while for them to get comfortable on the potty. Pee came first with my son too...but he would wait for his night pull up to poop. We found that using the little potty did not work for poop and once we got him comfortable going on the big potty with a potty seat he was able to sit there and go poop. It takes longer with poop and I thought it would never happen but once he did it he got the hang pretty fast!

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answers from Fort Collins on

I am also potty training my boy. I was going to put him in child care and have them help me. But, the lady gave me good advice and its working. Don't leave your home for a week and get everything you need and stay home and dont go anywhere. Then leave him in regular underwear all the time even at night. Also, when he poops his pants make him clean it. Not you. And thats what I did and my son has not pooped in his pants. He went to the potty on his own. And is doing very well at this point.



answers from Phoenix on

My daughter started taking away his favorite toy each time he did'not go in the potty chair.This worked for them. He is now completely potty trained



answers from Grand Junction on

First of all I don't know how old your son is but I have 2 boys and know of several that were VERY slow to potty train. As a mom this is very frustrating. My oldest son had accidents until he was 7 years old and would only poop once a week. Keep encouraging him but I am convinced that they will only go when they are ready. My oldest son is now 11 and is the head of student council, in a rock band, in a couple of G and T classes and in a city musical. Don't give up. One of my friends said boys have a hard time with going poop because it is like an extension of themselves (like their genitals) that they then flush away and for many boys that is hard and confusing. There are lots of books and movies on this you could check out from the library that may help. Don't make him sit on the potty until he is ready because that is only more traumatizing and it will take longer for him to go on his own. Also, maybe get a potty training chair and let him play with it. Some boys have to put their toys in it and haul it around to get comfortable with the idea. Good luck!



answers from Denver on

First rule, don't ask him, don't wait for him to tell you, just pick a time every hour to hour and a half and set him on the potty. When you ask you are setting yourself up for power struggle. By now you may have an idea when he has to poop, my son always did mid-morning and went to hide to poop in his diaper so I knew he knew when. Boys are hard and even girls sometimes with the pooping, make a HUGE deal out of it, do the reward chart when he does however. Tell him with every poopy he gets a sticker and after 10 stickers he can go pick out a special surprise of something that he really wants. My son wanted a transformer very badly and he had to earn it. Within a few weeks it was 100% done and he was in underwear. Also, even though so many moms don't agree, pullups too help with the pooping so you aren't cleaning out underwear or throwing them out. My son had NO problem doing pullups for the first few weeks at all and then transitioning into underwear. If you do it without anything, naked be prepared for the possiblity of him pooping on the carpet, something I just didn't want to go through and THANKFULLY didn't have to. It literally took my son two and half weeks to be 100% trained into underwear with the reward chart.



answers from Phoenix on

My son is 3 and not potty trained yet either. He is the opposite of most boys he will go poop in the potty, but not pee really. He has gone pee a couple of time in the toilet that was about it. He has been sick for the last two weeks so I know he kinda get lazy around that time to try. Right now also he is doing better, and when he feels that his pullup is wet he takes it off, and when he knows he is ready to go poop he hollers at me and says potty. :)



answers from Flagstaff on

My son too had the same problem. When he would have an accident I would take him to the bathroom and put his poop in the potty and explain that he needs to go there. We also did a special sticker chart just for pooping in the potty. When he filled it out we took him to Chuck E Cheese. It didn't take too long before he was going in the potty every time. Good Luck!



answers from Denver on

boys seem to be stubborn about going poop in the potty. My oldest boy, who is now 3 1/2 absolutely refused to be consistent with his potty training, and RARELY would poop in the potty. It was so frustrating. In August, I was at my wits end because he was getting ready to start preschool and he needed to be fully potty trained. When we were home, I would have him take his pants off - no pull-up, no underwear, nothing. I figured that he would realize that if he pooped or peed on the floor, that that would be just plain weird. It worked. He would run into the bathroom and do whatever he needed to do. At first, we did small rewards for every time he pooped in the potty. He loved that. We even made a potty poster to put stickers on what he did in the bathroom. He was very proud of himself.

It takes time, and the little ones just need to call the shots with their potty-training. It all works out in the end. Don't give up. My 3 1/2 year old is fully potty-trained now. He actually became potty-trained right before preschool began (perfect timing). He rarely has any accidents!:) It's a frustrating process, though. I certainly do not look forward to going through this again with my youngest son!

Hope this helps!:)



answers from Pueblo on

We are in the process of potty training our son. Partly, it just takes time. He is finally comfortable "pooing" on the potty. He would always start to go in his pants and we would rush him to the potty. He has always been slightly constipated so he asks to hold our hand and we kept up with this during potty training. It seems to work. He has accidents, but we are making progress. We just put him in his underwear and have given up the pull ups since they make him too comfortable. He just has a diaper at night. Good luck! Also, we do not have him stand to pee, as several books I have read said to hold off until we get sitting down first. We have stickers for him of his favorite show (Cars). When he asks to go or poos, he gets a puffy sticker. He gets a normal sticker for peeing. He has a piece of paper we put them on after each successful potty trip. He really likes this and they used the same at daycare and it has worked well.

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