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Updated on February 09, 2009
S. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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Hey moms... It's me again! I am still on the Potty Training subject... My son is two now and we have started with pull-ups which we call big boy pants. He knows what the potty is and what it is for, and will even sit on it. He hasn't gone potty in it yet but says bye bye pee-pee, whenever he flushes. So, he isn't scared of it or anything. Is he on the right track? Do you think he is ready or am I pushing him too early? I hate to back-track and go back to diapers now that he thinks he is a big boy! I just don't know if I am going the right route or not. How long should it take before he will actually go in the potty? I am new to this... My step-daughter just came home one weekend and said she wasn't going to wear diapers anymore and that was it! This stuff is all so new to me! Thank you moms! S.

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answers from Washington DC on

I haven't started really potty training yet, but my daughter will use the potty if I take her to it and help her out (get her pants down, etc.)
Several people told me that the pull-ups type pants/diaper would make training harder (I like the Easy ups myself)but I am just not ready to take the jump to washing carseats/shopping carts, etc! LOL SO...I read somewhere that you can try to put a pair of underwear UNDER the pull up so they can feel when they are wet...but won't make a mess. I might give this a try when we get back from vacation.
One other thing I did early on to help my daughter go pee...and it's going to sound funny...I would blow gently on her belly (by her belly button) and I guess the "cool breeze" got things going! Then I got very excited and pointed out that she was peeing. Now she goes almost immediately if I put her on the potty...Just a thought!
As for the pooping...she just kinda figured that one out herself...I put her on when she would most likely go (after breakfast), and we read some books and whammo! (But before that, I would point out when she was making faces/turning red that she was pooping so she got the idea of what that pushing feeling was)
Good luck!
We can be potty training buddies in a couple weeks! (though I am thinking of waiting till the weather gets a bit warmer!)


answers from Kansas City on

it sounds like you're on the right track. i have tried lots of things to convince my son to go on the potty, he's resisting though. i don't let him flush unless he actually "goes" lol. he likes doing it so much that in itself is a reward! good luck! i don't think it's an overnight process...and it's sooo hard to wait!



answers from Kansas City on

After fighting to potty train my oldest, I am not a fan of pull ups. We used them at first and I really think that they make it harder for them to learn. We used them only at night in the end and that worked much better. Sounds to me like your little guy is ready so don't give up. It is a process that sometimes takes a long time. One thing that helped when we started the process was that I wrote down the time that she went potty for a day or two. I then had a better idea of when to ask if she needed to go and we had better luck actually getting the potty in the potty. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

These are a couple of items that helped me with my second child for potty training. The potty watch that went off in 30,60,or 90 minute intervals playing music and lighting up. My daughter loved hers and the kids at her daycare thought it was cool and would help remind her to go when they heard it. The other thing that I used this time were Kushies brand training pants. You can order them at Wal-mart on-line and send them site to store. I thought they worked much better than the regular pants with seperat plastic pants. They run small so get a bigger size.

Good luck!



answers from St. Joseph on

S., I only use the pull ups/goodnights at night time b/c I'm not a lover of laundry and changing bedding at 2 am. Keep up the positive attitude (maybe some reinforcement like cheerios, marshmallows, or m&m's for each time he goes potty) will help encourage him some more. I also got my kids an incentive gift that once they were fully potty trained they got it...I found it was better to leave it in the store and "visit" it than to have it sitting on the piano where it just got ignored.

Go to the store and let him pick out some big boy underwear (get lots) and start wearing them around the house (forget the pants)...force the liquids and take him to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so to try to go...once he realizes what the pressure is he'll be on his way...if he starts grabbing himself it's a sure sign to point him in the direction of the bathroom. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

He is on the right track. instead of pull up just put him in an underwear and show him how he has accedents and he will no like it. at the same time keep repeating that if he goes on the potty he can be clean use stickers to help. sometimes if you poor water in the toilet while he is sitting on the toilet the sound help them go pee. also just every 20 - 30 min put him on the potty once he gets on that time pattern he will be fine.

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