Potty Training a 21/2 Year Old Boy....

Updated on August 02, 2010
D.S. asks from Bayfield, WI
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OK, so I have a 2 1/2 year old little boy that is doing an amazing job potty training, we have got the potty down just fine.....BUT the poo is a whole other story. I need some advise on how to get him to go to the toilet and not in his underwear...any thoughts on this one??

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answers from Omaha on

I had this problem with my 3 year old boy. If he pooped in his pants I made him get in the shower take them off and clean them himself. We have a removable shower head and I'd hand it to him and make him do it. Then he had to clean himself. This worked as he does not like getting his hands dirty. Good Luck.



answers from Phoenix on

What finally worked for my daughter (#2 was her pitfall as well) was to reward her for using the potty for poop. We started with one large marshmellow (that was her thing) for every time she went poop in the potty and then we worked to a Hotwheel at the end of the week if she had no accidents.

If she pooped in her big girl underwear I would leave them on her until she she could not play anymore or move because she did not like it so much. This made it click in her head.



answers from Omaha on

I have 4 boys and 1 girl. Potty training takes a great deal of patience. It is something we can't force our toddler to do. It's on all their turf and time. :) Well, with that being said, we as parents can encourage, guide, negotiate, bribe or anything else to convince then that going in the toilet is best for them and us. So, as I'm currently at the tail end of getting my 3 1/2 yr old to poop on the potty, I turned to desperation! He's had the pee thing down for a while; however, the pooping part was not going well at all. We started promising him anything and everything, but he still kept pooping in his pants. So, I went out and bought a regular size candy bar and brought it home. When I notice him getting antsy (like he's was about to poop in his pants) I handed him the candy bar and said "Peter, if you poop on the potty then you will get this whole candy bar". I let him even hold it. Well, a few moments later he said "mommy, I gotta go poop." He ran into the bathroom and pooped on the potty!!! It was a grand moment and I've had to buy several more candy bars. Now we keep a bag of fun size candy bars in the freezer. I'm sure there are some mom's out there who think this is not the best approach, but it worked and now he's having more BM's on the potty. It's building his confidence to go in the toilet at the same time. I hope you find what works for you. I know this is a difficult time of parenting. I personally hate this stage!!! Good Luck.



answers from New York on

just keep putting him on.... show him when you take his dirty diaper off.. how yucky it is.. and then push the poopy out the of the diaper and into the toilet.. and let him flush it.. show him.. and then keep putting him on... good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

Sorry! Wish I could help, but I'm in the same boat. Even with the pee, some days it's no accident, others, he needs pull-ups all day. I realized he forgets that he needs to go in toilet when he's wearing underwear. I think it's the restriction. He does so much better going commando or no bottoms, but that's only if we can stay at home all day. And this also usually leads to poop on the floor. He tells me after the act. Then I calmly say,next time let me know,so you can go in toilet or we can put a diaper on you. He says "K, Ma!" But does he really mean it?
I've found that I have to catch him it the act, then rush him to the toilet. I think we just have to be patient (mine's 2 1/2 also). They're not going to be 5 and wearing diapers. I heard if you put on the pressure, it actually can work against you, so all we can do is provide encouragement. I like the rewards idea. I did that for peeing & worked pretty well.

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