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Updated on June 14, 2010
M.H. asks from Carlisle, PA
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So lately I've been noticing that when I go to the bathroom my 15 month old daughter follows me there, and she'll go poo or pee in her diaper. Since she seems to be some what interested in going to the bathroom, How would I go about the potty training? I bought a potty chair today for her but haven't started it yet.

My grandmother says she had my mom potty trained at 18 months.
Do you think Jadyn is too young to start?
Are there any good books, tips that I need?
Shes my first child, So I've never done this before.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the help! Jadyn has already shown interest in her potty and she'll sit on it. I'm hoping she does good with the potty training. :)

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I am just starting this phase too- my daughter is 21 months old. She has just started telling me sometimes when she needs a diaper, so I just put out her potty seat a couple days ago. She has been coming to the bathroom with me for months and she knows the routine (she tells me what to do!). Now I encourage her to sit on her potty seat (with her clothes on) while I sit on the big potty. I also have an Elmo potty doll (Elmo is her favorite!) which she loves. She gives Elmo his milk and sits him on the potty. I honestly don't think I'm going to push too hard yet- I don't totally think she is ready yet- she still has no concept before she goes- and all the books and other experienced moms say that it goes really quick if the kid is totally ready, but if it's too early it takes a long time and there are regressions. I have read there is a difference between potty training and potty learning. Most kids under 2 aren't actually ready to potty train, but they can learn about the potty which is where I am now. Many moms have told me that the book "Once Upon a Potty" is fabulous- I haven't gotten it yet. Sorry, I wasn't much help since I just learning about this myself. Good luck!



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Your daughter is not to young. My daughter start going to the party since she was 9 month, she is 2 now, she dont really always ask me to go, but most of the time i catch before she have to go and she does not have a problem using patty. Do not wait until she get old enough to understand why should i go to the bathroom when i can do it in my pants. And if she follows you, just take advantage of it and put her on the patty and tell her to do pee pee. she might not do it first 10 times but on elevens she will. Just have a pations. Good luck



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Now is the time to start! You can get some books on early start potty training at your public library. Mostly, just make visits to the bathroom fun, and start teaching her about "wet/dry," "pee and poop" go in the potty. Try to get a "hit" everyday. We read in the bathroom after breakfast every morning. They key at this early age is to model, model, model.



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Iam so not an expert or anything. But i have 3 children and i made it a game for them....i started noticing the following me to bathroom and doing it in there DAIPER. So whenever i would see it i would quickly take off the daiper and let them finish on their toilet....afterwards we did the potty dance and clapped around the house....they where sooo excited about the potty dance and wanted to do it that eventually they would ask to use the restroom thereselves..
Good luck....



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If she is interested that is great. She has to be able to make a connection that she is going potty and needs to sit on the potty. Take off her diaper and tell her to sit on the potty. I would put her on the potty when she first wakes up in the morning,after a nap or after she gets out of the bathtub. Dont press the issue if she is not ready. If she does go,give her a treat. good luck


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I can't even remember how I potty trained my 21 and 17 yo kids. Now I have 19 mo boy/girl twins! I too noticed my little boy would pat his diapy and say "poopoo" and he also would follow me to the bathroom and point to the big toilet and say "poopoo?". My little girl just said it today. We bought them each their own potty (pink and blue) but haven't really started quite yet. I think I sat my little boy on his potty like a few times. I sit them on their potties so they can first get used to them. Because when I sat my little boy he kinda got scared but now he'll sit on it. My daughter not yet, she looks at it and smiles at it but she'll quickly take the seat out and take the 'poopoo' potty and place it on her head like a hat and giggle....me too! It's too funny. I'm going to buy a DVD with music about pottying or something for them. Maybe you should do that too. I was thinking of also buying them like some cute undies with their favorite characters so they can see what they can be wearing if they learn to potty! oh yeah! That worked on my older kids too!


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I think it is great you are starting this young! My daughter showed interest at that age and I ignored it, following advice to wait until after 2 thinking it would be even easier. WRONG, my daughter was so content and used to diapers by then it was a real struggle. My grandmother said (she never minces words) "You moms today are terrible, every child should be trained long before 2, mine all were!" Oh well.
You already know you can stop if she has too much trouble, but she may be ready!
My daughter liked potty books-I don't think they helped, but she liked them. What finally worked with her was big girl undies and taking her every 20 minutes. Be patient through the accidents and reward peeing in the potty with little treats. Good work, good luck!

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